Villa Zoe

Villa Zoe

DFG Architetti
SP20, 16, 97013 Comiso RG, Italy | View Map
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Private Houses

Villa Zoe

DFG Architetti as Architects

This project started with the intention to harmonise the existing volumes in a contemporary key, with particular focus on the enhancement of the external areas. A prior study of the orientation and the solar path and a geometric analysis of the existing structure allowed the maximum employment of the daylight and its dark shades.

From an architectonic point of view, the existing volumes, resulting from a “spontaneous” growth of the construction system, have been brought back to a unitary vision through a simple morphological scheme, which is able to re-establish a dynamic balance between simple and readable shapes. The connection with the tradition is possible thanks to the use of local materials and technologies, originally part of the local agricultural traditions.

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Build completed in 2020
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