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NewsInnovations • 15 May 2024

Wangen Tower is first multi-level and climbable structure to use self-shaped timber components

Wangen Tower is the first multi-level and climbable structure to use self-shaped, structural timber components. The tower’s design and build is based on research from the Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture” (IntCDC) at the University of Stuttgart. The tower was created as an architectural landmark and a pioneering timber structure for the Landesgartenschau 2024 (this large-scale, annual horticultural show takes place in different regions of Germany — the 2024 edition is in western Allgäu). ICD/ITKE/IntCDC University of Stuttgart (Photo: Nina Baisch) ICD/ITKE/IntCDC University of Stuttgart Wangen Tower connects the Landesgartenschau site in... More

NewsNews • 2 May 2024

ATP architects engineers completes office building in line with “New Work” principles and sustainability goals

ATP architects engineers has completed a sustainable operational and office building for Austrian manufacturer Tyrolit in the German town of Maisach. The building is designed in line with the principles of “New Work”, a concept that embraces flexibility, autonomy, and self-fulfillment for employees in the workplace. Moreover, the achievement of sustainability goals is integral to the new building: allied to the ATP Green Deal (ATP’s response to the 2020 European Green Deal), the building’s sustainability goals are realized in accordance with the “40 Plus Efficiency House” standard. (This voluntary standard aims to improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption, improving indoor air quality, and... More

NewsNews • 2 Apr 2024

ATP architects engineers completes “feel-good” office building with a “green heart” in Cologne

ATP architects engineers has completed an administration headquarters for Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein (KVNO) — North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians — in Cologne, Germany. Designed with rounded corners and an almost circular form, the urban building is located on a former airport site in the Cologne-Ossendorf district and encompasses a 720-square-meter (7,750-square-feet) courtyard: a “green heart”. ATP/Friedmann ATP architects engineers ATP architects engineers   Facade The building’s facade — a mix of metal, glass, and natural stone on the ground floor — has been designed to be highly energy efficient, eliminating the nee... More

NewsNews • 14 Mar 2024

JSWD completes new office complex in Bonn unified by triangular facade elements

International architectural firm JSWD has completed the Neuer Kanzlerplatz office complex in the city of Bonn, Germany. The complex consists of three buildings — two low-rise and one high-rise. A consistent facade structure ensures the buildings present a unified visual identity. HG Esch The newly constructed office complex is located at Bundeskanzlerplatz (Federal Chancellor's Square) in Bonn’s former government district (Bonn was the capital of West Germany from 1949 until the country’s reunification in 1990). Neuer Kanzlerplatz (New Chancellor's Square) incorporates a slender 28-story tower: rising more than 100 meters (328 feet), it features a sky lounge. Anchoring the office complex within the city skyline,... More

NewsNews • 29 Jan 2024

Active community participation drives the design of a mixed-use neighborhood in Düsseldorf

In the north-western German city of Düsseldorf, international architecture and urbanism office MVRDV and Rotterdam-based LOLA Landscape Architects are working on the development of a new social housing and community scheme. A project for property developer Cube Real Estate, plans for the “Grüne Mitte” development are rooted in the active participation of local residents. The design proposal includes 500 new homes, half of which will be either affordable or social housing, as well as community spaces created to elevate and reinvigorate the area. MVRDV The site is located alongside a busy road in Flingern-Süd, a working-class district east of Düsseldorf city center. It is currently occupied by an unde... More

NewsNews • 2 Jan 2024

VON M completes a low-tech, sustainable office building in Tübingen

Stuttgart-based architecture and interior design studio VON M has completed a low-tech, sustainable office building for municipal housing and service company GWG Tübingen (Tübingen is a small university city in central Baden-Württemberg, Germany). The building’s contemporary working environment is a reflection of GWG’s outlook, both socially and ecologically. Zooey Braun Zooey Braun Designed with an elegant restraint, the four-story timber structure has something of a mediating role in the midst of a heterogeneous urban setting: the office building’s design respects the height of a neighboring residential building, while its facade and floor heights complement the new buildings of a nearby... More

Project • By VON MOffices

GWG Offices Tübingen

text by David Kasparek In the Swabian city of Tübingen, the Stuttgart-based office VON M has completed the new headquarters for the municipal housing company GWG, which is both a homogenizing urban building block and a contemporary architectural flag ship for the client. Zooey Braun The surroundings are heterogeneous. It takes a quarter of an hour to walk here from the train station and you find yourself between a branch of a retail group, two-storey turn-of-the-century houses with mansard roofs and three-storey post-war modernism. Zooey Braun Here, on Eisenbahnstrasse, GWG has set up its new company headquarters. The company builds, sells, rents and manages residential buildings. The design for the company's new flagship... More

NewsNews • 22 Nov 2023

UNStudio and HPP Architekten design a daylight-filled, sustainable vertical work campus in Düsseldorf

Eclipse, a new and sustainable vertical work campus in the city of Düsseldorf, was designed in a collaboration between Dutch architecture firm UNStudio and German architecture firm HPP Architekten (the project was realized by HPP Architekten). Home to PwC Germany, the concept for Eclipse is based on fostering interactions and inspiring creativity within a thoughtful work environment. The design of the vertical campus promotes transparency and a sense of openness to the surrounding neighborhood. H.G. Esch Described as “daylight-filled”, the 60-meter-high (197-feet-high) tower affords around 27,000 square meters (290,626 square feet) of contemporary office space. Eclipse’s interior extends over 16 stories, pro... More

NewsDetail • 2 Nov 2023

Detail: Woven carbon and glass fiber facade of Texoversum School of Textiles

The Texoversum School of Textiles at Reutlingen University is a teaching, research, and innovation center. The new Texoversum building is part of a wider university campus expansion plan and features a highly expressive, cutting-edge woven facade. A collaboration between Munich-based architectural practice Allmannwappner, Frankfurt-based architectural practice Menges Scheffler Architekten, and Stuttgart-based structural engineers Jan Knippers Ingenieure, Texoversum is the first building of its kind with a facade of woven carbon and glass fiber tiles. The remarkable structure places textiles in the vanguard of technological development. Brigida Gonzalez allmannwappner The design theme of Texoversum School of Textiles is re... More

NewsDetail • 10 Aug 2023

Detail: Creating Heidelberg Congress Center’s curtain-like sandstone facade

In 2017, Basel-based Degelo Architekten won the international architecture competition to design the new Heidelberg Congress Center. Located in the German city of Heidelberg’s new “Bahnstadt” (Railway City) quarter, adjacent to the railway station, the building’s harmonious design and its careful placement within an urban context, appealed to the competition jury. The undulating curtain-like facade and red-colored sandstone, made of regional natural sandstone, proved a winning design element. Facade (visualization): Degelo Architekten Heidelberg Congress Center is due for completion in spring 2024. The scaffolding that covered the building was recently removed to reveal the distinctive facade, an important... More

NewsNews • 26 May 2023

25 best architecture firms in Germany

The German architectural landscape boasts a captivating history that spans centuries, characterized by architectural masterpieces steeped in history, innovation, and artistry. From awe-inspiring feats of Romanesque-Gothic architecture to transformative influences brought by Bauhaus pioneers, Germany brims with a sheer genius when it comes to experimentation with novel structural terrains. The country embraces an elaborate legacy showcasing diverse architectural bouts such as Renaissance inspiration or Baroque wonders – beautifully etched into the German culture-rich landscape. The onset of industrialization brought sweeping technological advances opening doors for functionalism while simultaneously assimilating technology through mod... More

NewsNews • 30 May 2021

Sculptural Stadtbibliothek Heidenheim presents a compelling form with city skyline abstraction

In the city of Heidenheim, Max Dudler’s Stadtbibliothek Heidenheim presents a compelling form with its abstraction of a city skyline. The new library extends from the historic Old Town to the East, a new build area of the city characterised by a post-war architectural style. Stefan Müller Situated on the previously inaccessible property of a formal penal institution, which itself served to amplify the lack of connection between the new and old town, the library helps to connect the urban fabric. Between the two ‘heads’ rising into the sky spans an urban landscape made up of smaller ‘houses.’ The transformation of the ‘organic’ city results in a sculptural structure, a type of urban silhou... More

NewsNews • 1 Mar 2021

Explore the generous and flowing ambience of House R in Albstadt

With a south-facing façade fully glazed up to the top of its pitched gable roof, this house was designed by Dietrich l Untertrifaller Architekten to take advantage of views over the rolling landscape of Germany’s Swabian Alps while also serving as a future-oriented example of sustainable building materials. David Matthiessen Wood, glass and concrete are the main materials that characterise the design. While the basement floor is constructed with exposed concrete, the upper floors of the house are built as a timber structure. Inside, walls and ceilings are clad with silver wood, while floors are finished with ash wood. Contrasting against the light colour of the wood is a kitchen unit made up of black Nanotech panels. D... More