25 best architecture firms in Brazil
Joana França

25 best architecture firms in Brazil

6 Oct 2023  •  News  •  By Surabhi Patil

In a dynamic fusion of culture, diversity, vibrancy, and innovation, Brazilian architecture interweaves its expansive natural landscape with heritage, migrant influences and modernism. From the indigenous dwellings in the lush Amazon rainforests to the bustling public streets of Rio de Janeiro and the sleek edifices of São Paulo, the country’s architecture is characterized by its multifaceted character. At its core, Brazil's architectural landscape stands as a repository of vernacular structures ascribed to its native communities and colonial architecture influenced by Portuguese, African, and immigrant styles. The vestiges of this period are still evident in the charming colonial towns of Ouro Preto and Salvador, where elaborate churches and vividly hued buildings accord to reminders of the European epoch.

However, the 20th century brought new light to Brazilian architecture when visionary architects like Oscar Niemeyer and Lúcio Costa embraced modernism. Niemeyer's avant-garde designs, characterized by sinuous curves and daring use of reinforced concrete, brought international acclaim to Brazil.

Present-day Brazilian architects uphold this modernist legacy with a contemporary language that celebrates minimalism, innovation and eco-conscious design in response to the country’s abundant natural resources. From the exploration of indigenous materials to social housing initiatives to the revival of traditional construction techniques, the following list is a selection of 25 architecture firms that are part of the ongoing architectural renaissance. 


photo_credit André Scarpa
André Scarpa

1. studio mk27

Studio MK27, situated amidst the bustling metropolis of São Paulo, was established in the late 1970s by renowned architect Marcio Kogan. Today, this innovative firm boasts a team of 40 architects and collaborators spanning the globe. Kogan, an esteemed honorary member of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), a distinguished professor at Politecnico di Milano, and a prominent figure on the boards of both the Museum Of Art of São Paulo (MASP) and the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology (MUBE), has garnered widespread recognition. Leading a dedicated team of architects, many of whom have been collaborating with him for over a decade, Kogan and Studio MK27 are committed to upholding the legacy of Brazilian modernism. With a co-creation and cooperative work system in place since 2001, Studio MK27 has amassed an impressive collection of more than 250 national and international awards, including recognition from the IAB (Institute of Brazilian Architects), São Paulo Architectural Biennial, WAF, Architectural Review, Dedalo Minosse, Record House, Leaf, D&AD, Spark, Barbara Cappochin, Iconic, AZ, Buenos Aires Ibero-american Architectural Biennial, Wallpaper Design Award, and Prix Versailles.


photo_credit Rafaela Netto
Rafaela Netto


Founded in 1999 by a collective of colleagues from FAU-USP, the FGMF office was established with the explicit goal of creating contemporary architecture unburdened by constraints related to program, materials, construction techniques, or project scale. The firm places a paramount emphasis on the interconnectedness of the built structure, its surroundings, and the end-users. FGMF rejects pre-established or rigid design formulas; instead, it approaches each new challenge with a clean slate, utilizing drawing as its primary research tool to craft a fresh outlook on architecture, objects, and urban landscapes.



photo_credit Maíra Acayaba and Edu Castello
Maíra Acayaba and Edu Castello

3. Triptyque

Triptyque, a French-Brazilian architecture and urbanism firm led by Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaëlli, was founded in São Paulo in 2000, drawing inspiration from the city's global dynamism. Following its recognition with the NAJA (New Albums of Young Architects) award in 2008, the firm expanded its footprint with a second office in Paris. Triptyque's portfolio encompasses diverse projects across Latin America and Europe, emphasizing innovation and environmental sustainability. Beyond public and private architecture, it excels in luxury and cultural spheres, creating hotels, corporate buildings, and contemporary artistic venues.  Notably, the firm has made a significant mark in the realms of luxury and culture, crafting hotels, residential and corporate structures, as well as spaces for contemporary artistic expression like art galleries and exhibition venues.



photo_credit Joana França
Joana França

4. BLOCO Arquitetos

BLOCO Arquitetos, established in Brasília by Daniel Mangabeira (UnB, 1999), Henrique Coutinho (UnB, 1997), and Matheus Seco (UnB, 1999), is a dynamic firm spearheading a diverse team of architects with varied backgrounds and experiences. Its portfolio, largely showcased through photographs of realized projects, underscores the firm's adeptness at materializing a wide array of architectural endeavours, spanning houses, buildings, interiors, and temporary installations. The firm's design ethos is deeply rooted in the specific constraints of each project, including topography, solar orientation, and construction costs, with a keen recognition that programmatic limitations can yield untapped creative possibilities. Moreover, BLOCO Architects actively curate the "Brasília Moderna" initiative, preserving the architectural heritage of 1960s-1980s buildings in Brasília. With an impressive track record, its work has earned recognition in leading publications, websites, and exhibitions both in Brazil and abroad, attesting to the firm's prominence in the architectural realm.



photo_credit Israel Gollino
Israel Gollino

5. Superlimão

Superlimão is a firm that firmly believes in the power of architecture to facilitate inspiring daily human experiences. The firm understands that people inhabit a wide range of structures in constant transition, shaping narratives and imbuing spaces with meaning. Through innovative processes, the firm strives to conceive spatial designs that not only challenge existing paradigms but also exceed them, enhancing its successes. The firm's ultimate goal is to provide clients with the perfect and ideal architectural space, allowing them to fully realize their life experiences. Every architect Superlimão brings a unique specialty and worldview to the table, collaboratively shaping the firm's multifaceted and multidisciplinary identity.



photo_credit Pedro Kok
Pedro Kok

6. Andrade Morettin Associates

Andrade Morettin Associates established in 1997, emerged from the collaboration of architects Vinicius Andrade and Marcelo Morettin, both graduates of the School of Architecture and Urbanism at USP in 1992 and 1991, respectively. In 2012, Marcelo Maia Rosa, a graduate of Mackenzie, and Renata Andrulis, a graduate of the School of Architecture and Urbanism at USP, joined the partnership. Engaged in architectural and urban planning projects, the firm works across a wide spectrum of scales and diverse project types, serving both the public and private sectors. Its attainment of significant awards on both national and international stages has provided the firm with considerable stability and projects of considerable significance within the city.



photo_credit Guilherme Pucci
Guilherme Pucci

7. LP+A Arquitetura

At LP+A Arquitetura, the firm's approach transcends mere space; it explores the essence of what is sought within. The team delves deeply to comprehend the unique narratives that space can witness, evoke, and convey. The firm's mission is to craft spaces that are not just functional but optimal, tailored to the intended purpose. LP+A Arquitetura is dedicated to transforming spaces into dynamic environments that foster productivity and well-being, both in life and work. Through its designs, the firm provides the means for personal and organizational development, cultivating spaces that embrace and engage from every angle, forging connections with the world, others, and oneself.



photo_credit Denilson Machado @ MCA Studio
Denilson Machado @ MCA Studio

8. Nildo José + arquitetos associados

Nildo José, a young architect hailing from Bahia and a graduate of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, has always held a clear vision: "Architecture should evoke emotions, narrate stories, and provide a backdrop for happiness." To this central challenge, he adds a profound familiarity with design trends, contemporary visual arts, and a passion for functional spaces. His architectural approach extends beyond formal education, emphasizing the cultivation of a discerning eye influenced by diverse travels and cultures, seamlessly blending these experiences with Brazil's rich traditions and materials. The result: projects with an international flair yet imbued with Brazilian essence. These spaces exude elegance, youthfulness, vibrancy, dynamism, and a deep sense of humanity.



photo_credit Tony Chen
Tony Chen

9. Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados

Founded in 1987 by Henrique Reinach and Mauricio Mendonça, Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados is guided by a core philosophy that prioritizes form, light, and comfort. It excels in harnessing fenestration, solids, and voids to optimize natural light and temperature control while embracing contemporary design principles that emphasize pleasant, functional spaces that invite connection to the outdoors. The firm's early hands-on construction experience and simultaneous venture into interior design enriched its practice. Over the years, the firm has garnered prestigious awards, international recognition, and media features. In 2001, it established its own award-winning headquarters in São Paulo, and in 2012, the firm expanded its reach with Studio RMAA, a branch aimed at providing accessible architecture services, ensuring a wider audience benefits from its legacy of quality and responsible design.



photo_credit Ruy Teixeira
Ruy Teixeira

10. Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Diego Revollo professional odyssey began in 2000 when he collaborated alongside Roberto Migotto, eventually establishing his own architectural firm in 2008. Diego Revollo places paramount importance on aesthetics, embodying a commitment to aesthetic rigor and equilibrium. His scope of work spans from the initial conceptualization of residences, apartments, and commercial spaces to the final curation of art pieces. Noteworthy achievements include designing the first Armani Casa store in Brazil and executing projects in various Brazilian states, as well as in countries such as France and the United States. His designs have graced the pages of magazines and books worldwide, and he currently contributes as a columnist for Casa e Jardim and Avantto Lifestyle Magazine. Diego Revollo's signature style encompasses clean and global spaces, characterized by contemporary monochromatic aesthetics and minimalist furnishings, earning recognition as one of the prominent figures among the new generation of architects and designers.



photo_credit Nelson Kon
Nelson Kon

11. Perkins&Will

Perkins & Will, a renowned global interdisciplinary design firm, places architecture at the core of its practice. With a rich history dating back to 1935, the firm has established itself as a leading architectural firm in America, celebrated for its award-winning designs and comprehensive expertise. Its ability to deliver exceptional results spans across diverse locations and building types. In São Paulo, the studio mirrors the city's vibrant and dynamic character, fostering a culture of continuous innovation. As part of one of the world's architectural capitals, Perkins & Will draws inspiration from São Paulo's diverse architectural heritage, ranging from the 16th century to contemporary designs, shaping their approach to creating inspiring spaces.



photo_credit Maíra Acayaba
Maíra Acayaba

12. Estudio Guto Requena

Estudio Guto Requena, at the intersection of architecture, innovation, and emotion, pioneers cutting-edge architectural projects guided by sustainability and the quest for emotionally resonant experiences. Specializing in workspace, retail, and residential architecture with meticulous attention to detail, the firm also extends its creative prowess to product design, spanning urban furniture, lighting, and residential or office furnishings. The establishment of Juntxs, a laboratory exploring empathy, design, and technology, demonstrates its commitment to innovation. Housed in a historic 1911 building in downtown São Paulo, the studio comprises a diverse, multidisciplinary team of 20 collaborators who infuse their work with affective memory and a distinct "Brazilianness." The firm's portfolio includes collaborations with major entities like Google, Facebook, Mercedes Benz, and Nestlé, earning them numerous national and international accolades, including IF Awards Gold, The Architecture Master Prize, CODA Awards, and more, cementing its reputation for excellence and innovation.



photo_credit Eduardo Macarios
Eduardo Macarios

13. Arquea Arquitetos

Arquea Arquitetos, founded by architects Bernardo Richter, Fernando Caldeira de Lacerda, and Pedro Amin Tavares in 2008, visualizes architecture as a transformative and unifying force. Rejecting rigid standards, Arquea views architecture as a blend of technical expertise and profound sensitivity, always tailored to its unique context. The firm's work aims to resonate with people, narrate their stories, and prioritize sustainability and harmony with the surroundings. Each Arquea project, whether furniture, buildings, or urban studies, contributes to an evolving repertoire, expanding their perspective on life, people, and their needs. This accumulation of experiences empowers Arquea to envision a future that evolves continuously, resulting in architecture deeply rooted in its era, inspiring freedom, relationships, and emotions, transcending mere form to usher in new ways of life and narratives.



photo_credit Reinaldo Coser
Reinaldo Coser


Based in São Paulo since 1982, CANDIDA TABET ARQUITETURA is a multidisciplinary studio renowned for its creative fusion of architecture, interior design, and innovative material exploration across a global portfolio encompassing residential, commercial, and institutional projects. The firm's approach hinges on meticulous environmental analysis and historical context, seamlessly blending experience and innovation in the pursuit of unconventional material applications. A hallmark of their work is the absence of pre-established formulas, often commencing with architecture and evolving to encompass bespoke design pieces. Central to their practice is a commitment to achieving harmony in the overall composition while meticulously attending to every detail. Their extensive portfolio spans projects in Brazil, the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, and Lebanon.



photo_credit Fernando Guerra
Fernando Guerra

15. Studio Arthur Casas

Studio Arthur Casas, operating since 1990 in São Paulo and New York, embraces a holistic creative process spanning from individual objects to expansive landscapes. At its core, the studio prioritizes a horizontal scale, emphasizing dialogue in the development of programs that range from furniture pieces to entire neighbourhoods. Drawing inspiration from both modernist and contemporary Brazilian and cosmopolitan influences, the studio's work reflects a distinctive, internationally recognized vocabulary. With projects spanning global cities like Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and São Paulo, its impact is felt on a worldwide scale, underscored by frequent international recognition and publications.



photo_credit Denilson Machado
Denilson Machado


Established in 2001, Studio Guilherme Torres boasts a multifaceted portfolio encompassing architecture and design. Guided by the founder's perfectionism and encapsulated in a tattoo bearing the words of a Daft Punk song - "work it, harder, better, faster, make it over" - the studio embodies a resolute commitment to quality. This unofficial motto underscores its dedication and ethics. Its hallmark approach revolves around minimalistic details and restrained yet sumptuous material palettes consistently employed in single-family residences, interior schemes, and retail ventures. While the studio's architecture showcases rigorous aesthetics, the interior design element introduces a playful lightness. Distinguished by suspended volumes and deliberate lines, the studio's projects are explorations into the boundaries of materials.



photo_credit Pedro Kok
Pedro Kok

17. Terra e Tuma

Terra e Tuma, represented by Danilo Terra, Fernanda Sakano, Juliana Terra, and Pedro Tuma, is deeply committed to the intrinsic value of architectural projects. The firm personally engages in every aspect of its work, ensuring that its collective expertise and dedication enrich every creation. Its reverence for the materials they employ underscores their mission to maximize the potential of each project, seamlessly integrating the environment and selecting materials that prioritize both comfort and quality. Drawing upon a wide spectrum of references and experiences, Terra e Tuma continuously explores innovative approaches to architecture, resulting in a body of contemporary work. The firm's journey has led to its projects being showcased at prominent events like the Venice, Rotterdam, and Quito Biennales while garnering numerous national and international awards.



photo_credit Fran Parente
Fran Parente

18. Studio AG Arquitetura

In contemporary architecture, Studio AG Arquitetura places reality at the forefront, allowing people to express their identities through the way they inhabit spaces. The studio's meaningful projects create spaces that are not only functional but also imbued with a sense of lightness and happiness, aligning with evolving habits and trends. It believes that architecture comes to life through human relationships and experiences, valuing each client's unique lifestyle and recognizing the profound impact of environments on people's lives and interactions. In response to shifting behaviours, the studio embraces innovation, integrating sharing, technology, and new materials while maintaining essential principles. Its approach combines creativity and efficient management to craft architectural solutions that adapt to the changing times.



photo_credit Haruo Mikami
Haruo Mikami

19. SAINZ arquitetura

SAINZ Arquitectura places emphasis on the role of design in people's lives, recognizing its impact on how individuals engage with their surroundings. The firm's approach extends beyond the technical boundaries of the profession. Through an empathetic exercise, it diligently works to decipher its clients' unspoken needs and aspirations, collaboratively arriving at optimal solutions that cater to functional, technical, aesthetic, and other related expectations within the firm's field of expertise. The team at SAINZ arquitetura holds a deep passion for the arts, music, cinema, gastronomy, and fine wines. Its quest is driven by the pursuit of rarity, quality, and the essence of time. Above all, its enduring source of inspiration stems from the human connections it forges, representing the true essence of luxury.



photo_credit vasco lopes
vasco lopes

20. vasco lopes arquitetura

The firm Vasco Lopes Arquitetura, established in 2006, not only undertakes individual projects but also engages in collaborations with other architectural firms. This collaborative approach enriches its perspectives and brings diversity to its design approaches. The firm's architecture is characterized by a reflection of contemporary trends, a commitment to design quality, and meticulous attention to detail.



photo_credit Leonardo Finotti
Leonardo Finotti

21. Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos

Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos is a creative studio specializing in architecture and design. It engages in a wide range of projects, spanning various scales and themes, all approached with an innovative and culturally informed perspective. The firm's guiding manifesto revolves around principles of diversity, context, and materiality. Its process is deeply rooted in understanding the context, optimizing resources, prioritizing comfort and aesthetics, and nurturing a harmonious relationship between nature and the urban environment. To the firm, architecture is the embodiment of emotions, memories, and expectations, resulting in tailored responses, solutions, and designs for each project. Rejecting the confines of a singular style, Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos embraces the concept of diversity.



photo_credit Rafaela Netto
Rafaela Netto

22. GOAA | Gusmão Otero Arquitetos Associados

Established in 2014, Gusmão Otero Arquitetos Associados (GOAA) is a Brazilian architecture firm formed through the collaboration of architects Ricardo Lopes Gusmão and Guido D'Elia Otero, both graduates of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at USP. Their partnership grew from their long association within the Estúdio Gibraltar collective, initially a group of students who came together to collaborate on projects and participate in competitions. GOAA is a young and dynamic firm with a primary focus on building design. it seeks contemporary solutions in architecture that address modern living: intelligent, innovative, and cost-effective spatial and tectonic solutions combined with technical precision.



photo_credit Paula Monroy
Paula Monroy

23. grupo garoa

Based in São Paulo, Garoa is a collective architectural laboratory directed by Erico Botteselli and Pedro De Bona, emphasizing investigative and speculative architecture. The firm's practice is marked by experimentation, where it eschews predefined methods in favour of adapting methods and intervention procedures to the unique conditions of each project. Collaboration is key, as the team combines its diverse skills to create inclusive and precise work. Garoa's approach involves a constant feedback loop between architectural design and construction, allowing the design to shape and influence procedures, and procedures to inform and modify the design, resulting in an integrated and dynamic professional practice.



photo_credit Luisa Lage
Luisa Lage

24. Tetro Arquitetura e Engenharia

Tetro Arquitetura e Engenharia, an architectural firm located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and operating globally, is led by architects Carlos Maia, Débora Mendes, and Igor Macedo. The firm's professional approach revolves around a meticulous analysis of location-specific conditions and client needs, aiming to deliver distinctive and unparalleled solutions for each project. Core principles such as harmonizing with nature, employing exposed materials, and exploring open spaces consistently define its work. The firm earned top honours in the Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra Headquarters competition and has undertaken diverse projects, including museums, event venues, commercial, residential, and industrial structures across various Brazilian states.



photo_credit Felipe Araújo
Felipe Araújo

25. mf+arquitetos

MF Architects, led by Mariana Garcia Oliveira and Filipi Oliveira, both graduates in architecture and urbanism, was founded in 2009. In 2015, the firm underwent a restructure, becoming mf+arquitetos. Situated in Franca, São Paulo, the firm's portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, industrial, and interior projects. It is distinguished by its contemporary approach, consistently striving for a design philosophy that harmoniously merges interior and exterior spaces. Its work is characterized by sleek lines, a focus on formal simplicity, and a commitment to utilizing Brazilian materials, resulting in a novel concept of modern living.


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