25 best architecture firms in Greece
Block722_Viglostasi-aerial photography George Pappas

25 best architecture firms in Greece

20 Oct 2023  •  News  •  By Surabhi Patil

A civilization that left an indelible mark on the world, Greek Architecture marries art, science and nature, shaping iconic styles that have been replicated across the ages. The roots of Greek architecture dig deep into the ancient soil of this Mediterranean land, where myth, culture, and philosophy intertwine with the built environment. From the classical orders of Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, to the principles of spatial scale, balance, line and light, to city-planning origins reflected through the agora, acropolis and so on, the nation has given life to architecture that was, and still is, celebrated as a paragon of beauty and function.

Defined by harmony, proportion and a reverence for nature, the country’s architectural landscape continues to harness these facets in modern design. Today, Greek architects retain the country’s rich heritage while finding innovative solutions that embrace sustainability and environmental design. The following list is a selection of 25 architectural firms that are transcending architectural boundaries and forging a bridge between the past and the future:


photo_credit BREBA PHOTO-Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann
BREBA PHOTO-Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann

1. K-studio

K-Studio specializes in creating distinct and immersive experiences through Architecture, Interior, and Hardscape Design. Based in Greece, a country known for its natural beauty and cultural emphasis on resourceful hospitality, K-Studio crafts architectural experiences that blend tradition with contemporary life, while minimizing waste and resource use. The firm's expertise, honed through academic research and practical experience, has led it to excel in the leisure industry, with a focus on projects ranging from private holiday homes to restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts.



photo_credit Yiorgos Kordakis
Yiorgos Kordakis

2. Kapsimalis Architects

Kapsimalis Architects is a Santorini-based firm founded in 2012 by Alexandros Kapsimalis and Marianna Kapsimali. The firm works across an array of projects, including private homes, retail and cultural spaces, and even large-scale hotel complexes, which have gained global acclaim through international publications. Beyond architectural forms and local development, the firm is equally committed to ensuring that each structure's function contributes sustainably to its environment.



photo_credit Block722_Viglostasi-aerial photography George Pappas
Block722_Viglostasi-aerial photography George Pappas

3. block722

Block722 is an Athens-based architectural studio established in 2009 by architect Sotiris Tsergas and interior designer Katja Margaritoglou. Its diverse portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. The firm's solutions prioritize high-quality materials, a craft-oriented approach, and collaborations with local artisans and artists to reinterpret Mediterranean traditions for the modern era. Block722 has received numerous awards and widespread recognition in Greek and international media, including features in publications like Wallpaper*, ELLE Décor France, Cote Sud, RUM, Dezeen, and AD magazine.



photo_credit George Messaritakis
George Messaritakis

4. A31 Architecture

A31 was founded in Athens in 2003 by Praxitelis Kondylis, an architect with rich academic and international experience. The firm swiftly expanded its portfolio, engaging in design, construction, industrial buildings, and interior design projects locally in Athens and across Greece and Cyprus. In 2007, the firm welcomed Panagiotis Karras, a Civil Engineer, forming A31 ARCHITECTURE CONSTRUCTION, broadening the range of services offered. Over time, A31 evolved into a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, and engineers. Its work has garnered awards and distinctions in international competitions, with exhibitions in cities like Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Bilbao, Nicosia, and Piran.


photo_credit George Messaritakis
George Messaritakis

5. Tsolakis Architects

Tsolakis Architects is an architectural consultancy comprising a team of architect engineers, offering comprehensive design, supervision, and advisory services for projects across various types and scales. Its work encompasses residential spaces, condominiums, shopping centres, office buildings, infrastructure projects, and hotel complexes. Additionally, the firm excels in both urban and landscape design, from urban squares and open spaces to park design. The firm's achievements include numerous awards in architectural competitions, with a commitment to ongoing innovation and adaptation to modern societal needs.



photo_credit George Messaritakis
George Messaritakis

6. Deca Architecture

DECA Architecture is an internationally acclaimed architectural firm that places a strong emphasis on context-driven design for structures, outdoor spaces, and objects. Situated in Athens, it has been actively involved in projects spanning Greece and Europe since 2001. Established by Alexandros Vaitsos and Carlos Loperena, the DECA team possesses the capacity to handle projects of varying scales, while upholding a personalized and tailored approach.



photo_credit Anima Vision
Anima Vision

7. Urban Soul Project

Urban Soul Project was conceived with the concept of harmonizing design and construction, unifying professionals from diverse fields including architects, civil and electrical engineers, interior designers, and project managers. Its mission is to seamlessly integrate contemporary and traditional design. The firm's goal is to offer a holistic solution for crafting unique residential and commercial projects.



photo_credit Panagiotis Voumvakis
Panagiotis Voumvakis

8. React Architects

React Architects is a design studio driven by a research-oriented approach towards architecture. Its work encompasses a wide range of projects, both large and small in scale, including public ventures like libraries, hotels, and cultural centres, as well as private endeavours like residences, offices, and retail spaces. Interior design serves as a key vertical of its practice, applied to various settings such as homes, offices, hotels, and shops. Established in 2007 by Natasha Deliyanni and Yiorgos Spiridonos, the studio's projects have been featured in Greek and European publications, and its founding members have received awards and distinctions in both Greek and international design competitions.



photo_credit Mariana Bisti
Mariana Bisti

9. KLAB architecture (kinetic lab of architecture)

Established in 2001 by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos, KLAB Architecture, short for "kinetic lab of architecture," is an international firm with a diverse team of skilled architects with a shared passion for creating distinctive and captivating urban experiences. The practice works across a wide spectrum of projects, from large-scale planning to intricate technical solutions. The KLAB team is committed to extensive research, essential for crafting high-quality, innovative, and functional designs.



photo_credit Yiorgis Yerolymbos
Yiorgis Yerolymbos

10. Potiropoulos+Partners

Potiropoulos+Partners, previously known as Potiropoulos D+L Architects, underwent a transformation in 2015 to include a new generation of partners, signalling a global perspective on the future of the built environment. Established in 1989 by Dimitris Potiropoulos and Liana Nella-Potiropoulou, it has grown to become one of the prominent practices in Greece, boasting offices in Athens and London. It has garnered numerous awards and distinctions, including a coveted Mies Van der Rohe Award nomination. Potiropoulos+Partners' projects have been featured in both national and international architectural exhibitions and extensively covered in architectural and mainstream media.



photo_credit Konstantinos Thomopoulos
Konstantinos Thomopoulos

11. Katerina Valsamaki Architects

Founded in 1990, Katerina Valsamaki Architects is an Athens-based design studio dedicated to private projects encompassing new constructions, renovations, and interior remodelling. The studio's design philosophy centres on creating architecture that enhances the quality of life, emphasizing the importance of people in architectural spaces. Katerina Valsamaki Architects boasts a collection of distinguished projects, having participated in architectural exhibitions and received accolades. Its work has been widely showcased in Greece and internationally through magazines, books, and online platforms.



photo_credit Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann Photography
Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann Photography

12. MASTROMINAS Architecture

MASTROMINAS Architecture, based in Athens, is a distinguished design studio celebrated for its exceptional work in the field of hospitality. Its portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from expansive resorts to boutique hotels and luxurious residences. Among its notable projects are the celebrated Oku Kos, Caravia Beach Junior Suites, and their latest work, Theros all-suite hotel. What sets the firm apart is its holistic approach, embracing every aspect of design, from initial concepts to architecture, interior design, styling, and landscape design.



photo_credit Amalias 40 Office Building Story by A&M ARCHITECTS
Amalias 40 Office Building Story by A&M ARCHITECTS


A&M Architects is a multifaceted firm, encompassing Architecture, Design, and Project Management, with 40 years of experience in crafting residential, hospitality, office, mixed-use, and retail spaces. Founded by Michael Mavroleon and Andy Alexiades in 1982, the firm emphasizes Total Design, incorporating a broad range of services with a focus on innovative technology and energy efficiency. Comprising a team of 70 professionals, A&M Architects has successfully delivered turnkey solutions for international projects, gaining a global presence in Southern and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.



photo_credit Nikos Vavdinoudis
Nikos Vavdinoudis

14. Ark4lab of architecture

Ark4lab is an innovative architectural laboratory passionately dedicated to contemporary architectural design and research located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The brainchild of George Tyrothoulakis and Evdokia Voudouri, Ark4lab has been a thriving force since 2010, delving into projects across various scales and mediums. The firm's diverse portfolio spans buildings, residences, hotels, landscapes, urban design, exhibitions, interiors, and academic ventures, encompassing all stages from design to project management. With a fervent commitment to authenticity, it collaborates closely with clients to craft unique living experiences for every project it undertakes.



photo_credit Yiorgis Yerolymbos
Yiorgis Yerolymbos

15. buerger katsota architects

Established in 2005 by Stephan Buerger and Demetra Katsota, Buerger Katsota Architects is an international architectural practice with a portfolio spanning architecture, urban planning, place-making, and research. The firm tackles projects from master planning to housing, private residences, interiors, exhibitions, and publications. It works collaboratively with clients, end users, consultants, and contractors to realize high-quality designs. Buerger Katsota Architects also actively participates in non-profit urban initiatives. The firm has garnered recognition through national and international publications and exhibitions, with multiple awards and nominations, notably at the Venice Architecture Biennale and the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies Van der Rohe Award.



photo_credit Athina Souli
Athina Souli

16. Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic

Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic is a multi-awarded firm known for effortlessly merging the architect, client, and craftsmen in the design process. The founder, Ivana Lukovic is a distinguished architect originally from Belgrade, Serbia. In 1992, she settled in Greece, becoming a registered architect and a member of both the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) and the International Association of Designers (IDA). She established her own architectural and interior design practice in 1997, actively participating in experimental competition design. Her role spans from the initial design phase to project completion.



photo_credit Costas Vergas
Costas Vergas

17. GEM Architects

GEM Architects specializes in residential design and construction, with an approach that is driven by a deep understanding of the surroundings. Inspired by Alain de Botton's belief that buildings should honour and complement the natural world; GEM Architects is committed to ensuring the homes are not lesser than the pristine landscapes they occupy.



photo_credit Yiorgis Yerolymbos
Yiorgis Yerolymbos

18. MOLD architects

MOLD Architects, established in 2011 by Iliana Kerestetzi, is a multidisciplinary practice that weaves together research, architecture, landscape design, advanced computational and parametric design, graphic design, interior design, construction, and visual arts. Its portfolio features participation in group exhibitions and a collection of accolades and honours, including the SADAS-PEA 2014 Award for Best Residential Project (2009-2013), the DOMES 2014 Award for Best First Project by a Young Architect (2009-2013), the 100% HOTEL DESIGN AWARD 2016, nominations for the Mies van Der Rohe Award in 2015 and the Piranesi Award in 2014, recognition as a finalist for the East Centric Architecture Triennale Award in 2016, and further acknowledgement through the HOTEL DESIGN AWARD 2019, Big See Interior Architecture Award 2021, and Big See Architecture Award 2021.



photo_credit Panagiotis Voumvakis
Panagiotis Voumvakis

19. Omniview Design

Omniview was established in 2013 by architects Dimitri Tsigos and John Tsigos along along with property entrepreneur Miltos Kambourides with a vision to integrate design and development. With its home base in Athens, the firm is set on taking on more ambitious projects both in Greece and internationally, spanning the residential, hospitality, and commercial sectors, while consistently applying the distinctive principles that set them apart in the industry.



photo_credit Petros Perakis
Petros Perakis

20. tense architecture network

Tense Architecture Network, also known as TAN, is an intricate network of collaborators and architectural works. Its body of work encompasses numerous award-winning residences and successful first-prize competition proposals. TAN's practice is a continuous exploration of public spaces and private housing, deliberately interconnecting these two domains. Its work has earned accolades, such as a special mention from the Hellenic Association of Architects for the Kifissia Residence, and a shortlist nomination for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies Van der Rohe Award 2013 for the Sikamino Residence.



photo_credit Giorgos Sfakianakis Photography
Giorgos Sfakianakis Photography

21. Kois Associated Architects

Kois Associated Architects was founded by Stelios Kois with a vision to blend architecture with physical and spiritual serenity. The firm's work spans a wide spectrum of design, from urban projects to private buildings, interiors, furniture, and products. Its design philosophy centres on the synergy of practice and research, culminating in innovative solutions informed by diverse fields, including natural, formal, and social sciences. Kois Associated Architects operates with a multidisciplinary team, fostering a workshop spirit that values diversity and opposition as the catalysts for true innovation.



photo_credit Louisa Nikolaidou
Louisa Nikolaidou

22. panos nikolaidis design

Panos Nikolaidis, born in Athens, Greece in 1971, has dedicated his career to addressing individual needs and the core principles of aesthetics. His architectural atelier, panos.nikolaidis.design, has crafted a wide-ranging portfolio encompassing cultural, residential, commercial, leisure, and civic projects, alongside master planning endeavours. The office's standing is rooted in a commitment to collaborative architectural creation and a resolute emphasis on honing design concepts to achieve architectural, social, and intellectual coherence in their solutions.



photo_credit George Fakaros
George Fakaros

23. schema architecture & engineering

Schema Architecture & Engineering, founded by Marianna Athanasiadou (Architect) and Christos Stavrogiannis (Civil Engineer & Economist) in Athens, Greece, operates from the heart of the city, providing a comprehensive range of services. Its offerings span Sustainable Architectural Design, Interior Design, Structural Engineering, and Project and Construction Management in Greece. Its design philosophy revolves around sustainability, meticulous material selection, and, notably, cost-effectiveness.



photo_credit George Messaritakis
George Messaritakis

24. Lantavos Projects

Lantavos Projects is a multidisciplinary architecture and design practice established in 2002 by architect Vangelis Lantavos and interior designer Maria Lantavos. Its portfolio encompasses a variety of projects, from commercial and retail spaces, houses, and office buildings to civic structures and small to medium-sized hotels. Its work has gained recognition through publications, national and international competitions, and exhibitions, showcasing a diverse track record of progress in architectural research and design.



photo_credit Spyros Hound Photography
Spyros Hound Photography


25. Tenon Architecture

Tenon Architecture derives its name from the strong and stable woodworking joint. As the name suggests, the firm's expertise lies in wood, emphasizing its unique properties as a structural material, setting a testing ground for new fabrication methods and a key element in creating sustainable architecture. Established in 2020, the young practice was founded by Apostolos Mitropoulos and Thanos Zervos, with a shared interest towards algorithmic design and innovative constructions.



The selection curated by the Archello editorial team is based on a combination of the number of featured projects and the views they generated.