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  • 1. design object
  • 2. modularity
  • 3. compact object
  • 4. available in hydraulic, electric and mixed versions
  • 5. two ways of heating: radiation and convection



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Alberto Meda
Tubes Radiatori

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Metal, Aluminium - Extruded
Hot water


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  • 1. design object
  • 2. modularity
  • 3. compact object
  • 4. available in hydraulic, electric and mixed versions
  • 5. two ways of heating: radiation and convection

“I like essential objects with a hidden complexity. Step-by-Step looks like a single surface, but it actually consists of modules with elliptical ribs that guarantee energy efficiency with minimal overall dimensions." Alberto Meda

The Step-by-Step radiator has all the features to fully become part of the Elements collection by Tubes: it is a significant architectural presence which, depending on the circumstances, can either be discreet or become protagonist of the space, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with the aim of achieving the utmost efficiency with minimal energy consumption levels. The concept of Step-by-Step starts from a solid element in aluminium with a surface made of pleated elliptical modules, tilting towards the left or the right. Depending on their layout and on the observer's perspective, charming games of light can be created, as well as visual effects that cause completely different emotions: from a slight sense of motion to a monumental architectural feature.


Modularity makes Step-by-Step suitable for the most diverse design requirements. The basic module can be installed individually or placed beside another module, thereby creating four configurations: one or two modules tilting towards the right, one or two modules tilting towards the left. If multiplied by the different heights available, these make possible twenty different combinations. Step-by-Step is therefore ideal for both large spaces, in which users want to introduce a significant decorative presence, and for smaller settings, where the compact overall dimensions (the radiator protrudes just 7.8 cm from the wall) saves space indoors.


Step-by-Step is available in the hydraulic, electric and mixted versions. The radiator heats up in two different ways: via radiation, in other words by radiating heat directly through the large heat-exchange surface, and through natural convection, thanks to the hot air that goes from the bottom upwards.


Step-by-Step can be accessorised with a towel rail or a hook, making it suitable also for use in the bathroom.


Step-by-Step received its first acknowledgement in 2019 with the Designplus powered by ISH organised by the German Design Council. The Elements collection, which includes Step-by-Step, comprises projects in which radiators and heated towel rails, reinterpreted by internationally-renowned designers, are designed as an element of the architectural structure, with a strong personality and furnishing ability.



Extruded aluminium


Wrinkled White

Wrinkled Grey Aluminium

Wrinkled Charcoal Metallic Grey

Wrinkled Copper Brown

Wrinkled Ivory

On request, Step-by-Step is also available in the matt colours of the Tubes range.


Single module: W 32 cm H 200 cm, 180 cm, 160 cm, 140 cm, 120 cm

Double module: W 56 cm H 200 cm, 180 cm, 160 cm, 140 cm, 120 cm

Power source:

Hydraulic, electric and mixed.


Towel rail and hook in Glossy Chrome Grey, Satin Chrome Greyor in the colours of the Tubes range

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