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All About Composite Materials

A compound which is made from two or more materials is known as composite material. But the characteristics of the new compound thus formed from the combination of the two individual materials is completely different from the constituent materials in terms of both physical and chemical properties. The new formed product gains a completely new appearance, properties and colour etc. Composite materials are versatile with numerous benefits, leading to their popularity.

Composite materials are stronger when compared to individual materials when used. They are highly durable and provide design flexibility. Their performance is much better than the constituent materials when used separately. In fact, surprisingly the cost of the composite materials is found to be comparatively lower. Composite materials are typically heat resistant and also corrosion resistant, which is why they are preferred in building construction. These are recommended for their strength and better stability, providing long term reliability

There are various engineered composite materials available such as masonry, metal matrix composite, ceramic matrix composites, and composite wood materials such as plywood etc. Reinforced composite materials are used for their sturdy and durable mechanical properties. These are also preferred in bridge and tower construction. Also, spacecraft and aircraft are also being constructed using composite materials. Lightweight and fire resistance properties are an added bonus when it comes to composite materials.

Composite materials are highly resilient and durable. Therefore, the maintenance cost is not that high as many other types of building materials.

Today carbon composites are increasingly in more demand.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Steni

Known for their beautiful building designs and equally stunning interior designs, Steni SA is one of the most recommended names to choose from when selecting composite materials. Across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Switzerland, this ambitious manufacturer has 120 dedicated employees to deliver high quality products. The company’s primary production plant is situated south of Oslo and is the major platform where much of its national and international production takes place.

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