1 Milman Road

1 Milman Road

Syte Architects
London, United Kingdom
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Private Houses
James Morris

1 Milman Road

Syte Architects as Architects

The proposal relates to the construction of a new contemporary two-storey brick extension to an historic Edwardian house. The design of the proposed extension has been defined by the site conditions and constraints.

The most unique characteristic of 1 Milman Road is the corner bay window. Most houses at the end of terrace terminate in a blank brick side elevation, most notably the building at the rear of the garden, along Harvist Road. On this property however, the terrace turns the corner and continues onto the Harvist Road elevation by using a distinct corner bay window. The new extension seeks to repeat the device of the corner window. The modern interpretation is intended to link the elevations as if they were continuous, akin to the corner bay window, but on a subdued scale.

The extension consists of simple panels of stock brick alternating with graphite zinc cladding. These two materials are seen as complimentary to the existing house's brickwork and slate roofing.

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