132 West 112th Street

Meltzer Mandl Architects PC as Architects

A design that integrates contrasting styles joins two multi-family buildings: a six-story new building (36,000 SF) and a rehabilitated five-story, 19th century Old Law tenement (14,000 SF). The complex creates 41 units of affordable housing.

The restored masonry building abuts the slightly taller modern building, which features a façade of metal panel and brick. The new structure has been designed to form a harmonious aesthetic with its neighbor by providing a quietly modern touch in its simplicity and use of materials, while the older structure retains limestone parapet walls and arched windows indicative of the period when it was originally constructed.

The project, funded by the NYC Housing Development Corporation, was developed by West 112th St. LLC and completed in 2006. The plan includes 29 units in the new building and 12 units in the pre-war portion. In addition, there is 1,700 SF of residential storage in the combined cellar and a 3,500 SF community center on the ground floor level of the new building. Building-wide amenities include a landscaped rear yard and roof terrace.

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Project Credits
Interior renovation of an apartment in Les Corts (for Yuna Tau and Misha)
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Interior renovation of an apartment in Les Corts (for Yuna Tau and Misha)

Barcelona, Spain - Build completed in 2014
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