3 Gen House

Phawas Athisiriariyakul as Architects

3-storey residence located in the Beverly Hills Village Chaengwattana project. For planting residences in the project Land plots . Plot of land for construction the shape of the land is a rectangle. The size is around 250 square wah. The front is facing south, behind the north, there is a large warehouse, land on the left-right side is open space. No residential buildings yet to be built Giving a view when looking into the area to be built Can clearly see as a new building
Project owner's needs about 800-900 square meters of living space, with a clear separation of the family living together. By dividing into parts of the elderly, the owners of the house who already has a family and the sister section which provides space for future families and supporting the daughter that will grow up in this house in the future.  The privacy space, clearly separated from each other but providing an area where activities can be share, however, separate sections that can have a fully functional for daily use.
The land shape is a rectangle, the width is about 40 meters and the depth is about 25 meters. The designer proposed to leave the front area for gardening and tree planting. Withdrew to close the building Rear land to open the view to see the building more clearly. Design of the building opens up the view from the outside. To look at the designed building In order to be aware of having a friendly building with neighbors around, but the building still retains privacy from the outside as well.
Designer's designation is divided into 3 parts, with the first floor It is the main service area of ​​the house such as kitchen, laundry room, maid room, storage room and resting area for the elderly. For easy access to the area. The 2nd floor will be the owner's house. Who already has a family. Design of floor space in the 2nd floor to be open plan space to connects all function in this section area. Sister section Separated between the owner section. Which was designed as a duplex space in this section. In the 3rd floor section will be an area to support relaxation and personal hobbies of homeowners, and there is a corner to relax and use the space. Rooftop deck is a place to relax on a nice day. With the all floor utility space will be connected by a hall in the middle of the building. There will be both stairs and the terrace area is a link and connection between them. Has openings for ventilation Including the roof in this area allow the light to shine down, and planting trees in this area to increase the accessibility of each area,
The building model uses geometric patterns .Is a square but there is a high-low level of roof, according to utility space. There is a void to ventilate the air into the connects space and is a part for lighting the buildings in this area. Using a lean-to roof and a concrete roof, for the area that has an air conditioning system. Building materials are a combination of cement, wood, steel and glass, but will choose synthetic wood materials. To reduce maintenance Including the building structure, there is a mixture between Concrete and steel structures. Exterior wall are concrete, smooth, plastered, surface sprayed, protecting the exterior of the building from dust stains that will stick to the building. And the lath is installed to block the eyes from the outside and also filter the light that is falling into the building
List of Materials
1. Roof : Steel roof -  Lysaght
2. Translucent roof : topglass ultima - INNO-CONS COMPANY THAILAND 
3. Wood : synthetic wood – SCI WOOD Co,.Ltd
4. Tiles : Stone and marble desing series - Western Decor Corporation Co., Ltd.
5. Windows : Aluminium – Glasswork Co.,Ltd.
6. Exterior coathings : Bell art – SK KAKEN(THAILAND) Co,.Ltd

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