Ania Kruk Jewellery Boutique

Ania Kruk Jewellery Boutique

Warsaw, Poland
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Marcin Ratajczak

Ania Kruk Jewellery Boutique

mode:lina™ as Architects

Ania Kruk is a young jewellery brand created by siblings: Ania Kruk and Wojciech Kruk Jr - children of Wojciech Kruk – creator of W. Kruk brand business success. Ania Kruk represents light and fresh look for jewellery in casual style.

Ania Kruk is a brand with unique history. Despite its young age it carries almost 200 years of family goldsmith tradition as the first goldsmith workshop signed by the name of Kruk was established in 1840.

It was the family tradition that inspired architects from mode:lina studio while creating a new interior design for Ania Kruk boutique. While browsing Kruk family albums designers discovered the pictures of the old goldsmith's workshop, which became the leitmotif of the project.

Traditional wall displays were replaced by perforated panels that usually appear in workshops as a toolbox. Files and drills were exchanged by mirrors, frames, lamps, logos and pieces of jewellery hanged on wooden pegs. The large surface of perforated panels allows free arrangement on the walls according to appropriate collection.

Other elements that remind of the workshop are wooden trestles supporting massive showcases with jewellery. Trestles introduce some lightness and industrial character to the interior.

White furniture complemented by slightly raw wooden elements create a fine contrast with very feminine nature of the Ania Kruk jewellery.

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