Archifest 2016 Pavilion

Archifest 2016 Pavilion

DP Architects
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Archifest 2016 Pavilion

DP Architects as Architect, Designer

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DP Architects is proud to present the winning design of the official Archifest 2016 Pavilion in Singapore.

Drawing inspiration from the festival’s theme of ‘Exhale’, the design aims to re-examine the often breathless pace of life associated with a dense city. DP Architects’ gigantic, technicolour inhabitable urban sculpture plays on the interaction of primary colours which overlap to produce a vibrant spectrum of secondary and tertiary colours that induce visitors to forget about the stressful city life and ‘Exhale’.

Composed entirely of construction site materials, the design seeks to playfully refresh the city by injecting vibrant swathes of colour in a public space by way of a psychedelic pavilion. The pavilion’s character is built on nuance and mutability: colours fade, shift, saturate and interact as one moves in and around the space.

The pavilion presents a wider spectrum of colour than is currently found in that specific locale and this invites visitors to focus, reflect and appreciate their surroundings with a fresh eye. Humans have an automatic response to colour; the psychology behind it shows that people’s moods can be influenced by different hues as the different electromagnetic energies and wavelengths of colour elicit not just psychological but even physiological responses.

The pavilion seeks to visually stimulate the senses and ‘make its visitors come alive’ in the following aspects:

1) Evoke automatic psychological responses to the pavilion’s vibrant colour spectrum

2) Primary colour layers interact lightly to create secondary colours – this layered shift evokes the immediacy of the third dimension, which is essential to this property of change

3) Gradations of light and colour shift with one’s changing viewpoint and focus, this creates an intimate, visceral real-time relationship between the Pavilion and its viewer

Working closely together with contractor Shanghai Chong Kee Furniture & Construction Pte Ltd, the pavilion was designed with a smart approach to zero waste. The steel scaffolding comes from the contractor’s existing stock and will be reused on other construction sites after the pavilion is dismantled, while the netting is safety netting that will have an afterlife in various construction sites after the festival ends.

The pavilion is further intended to provoke curiosity and interest, its height and vibrancy of colour are meant to stand in counterpoint to its surroundings. The location, Raffles Place, is an urbanised environment, densely built, hard-edged, polished, monochromatic (not in the strict scientific definition but qualitatively to mean fewer, limited colours, muted). In contrast, the pavilion is soft-edged, visually light, polychromatic, ephemeral (a transient entity with a two-week lifespan). The pavilion is composed of multiple layers of netting to achieve overall density in colour and form. The saturation of colour will be calibrated by choice of the netting’s density and closer spacing between the layers of netting.

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