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Dellekamp Schleich as Architectural Project

The Ayucaa´s 1500 houses and 400 apartments in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, started construction.

With 357,680 m² of site area, 51 houses per ha and $235 per m² construction cost.

A political change that led to the improvement of social housing in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García allowed us to develop a proposal that breaks with the model of urban sprawl that characterizes Mexican social housing.

 Ayuccá seeks to generate a complete sense of neighborhood, considering concepts such as typological diversity, facilities and infrastructure, greenspace, quality public spaces, urban planning (taking into account the regulations and peculiarities of the informal city), variety in the typology (combining collective, private housing, commerce, mix of uses and users), climate comfort, identity, and meaning to its inhabitants.

Its location forces us to consider the thermal comfort, not only in housing, but also in public spaces. The bioclimatic consciousness applied to the whole considers the building heights relative to sunsets, trees, and vegetation that regulate the temperature inside the neighborhood and provide shade on the sidewalks for pedestrian life.

The project promotes a comprehensive bioclimatic strategy with a mixed urban model, a vertical development of housing, an increase in resident density up to 35%, and the exclusive use of local materials.

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