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dagli + atélier d’architecture as Architects

The Kirchberg Hospital and the Clinique Bohlerplan to build a new extension. For the maternity on the 3rd floor, the Clinique Bohlerorganized a limited competition among several architects, among which were an office from Paris and two from Luxembourg. Dagli atelier d’architecture was selected for their “Belle-Époque” conception.

The concept of dagliatelier d’architecture proposes a "Maison Médicale" inspired by the spirit of a Grand Hotel with the sensuality of the "Belle Époque" at the end of the nineteenth / twentieth century.

Unusual for a hospital the rooms are not arranged along a corridor. Instead, they form a "lobby" in their middle, a spacy shared area that reflects the atmosphere of a lofty hotel lobby.

The proposed project integrates the trend of “hospitality”: hospitals that take cues from the hospitality industry. It’s a dimension of hospital care with focus on the service side of hospitality industry, improving communication with patients and making sure staff are attentive to their needs, whether that’s more face time with nurses or quieter hallways so they can sleep.

The organization of the rooms follows the principle of "Healthcare Hospitality" with the practice of "rooming in": mom and dad share the same room and have the opportunity to stay together with their baby. The rooms offer the same functions as a hotel suite, such as a dressing room, a kitchenette, a dining area, a "mommy-space" and a "daddy-space" (that is to say two beds side to side) and a cozy "living-room" for the relaxation of both. The rooms are designed in white as a neutral color with a touch of gold.

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