Dental Clinic Adriana García

Dental Clinic Adriana García

NAN Arquitectos
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Iván Casal Nieto

Dental Clinic Adriana García

NAN Arquitectos as Architects

The main problem in this project was fit the extensive program to the reduced area, only 62 square meters. Three areas have been differentiated by its uses; a first area with the reception and toilets , the second with the facilities, warehousing, diagnostic and office and a third one with two cabinets. The proposal was to divide the three areas in a very simple way, two trapezoids, that can separate or put together, contain the area of facilities and prioritize the rest of the space. Create an open space with few divisions and an easy understanding of all of the functions was the objective.

The main part of the project is where the cabinets are, and for this reason they are located in the area of the windows outside, into the street. The materials used play a very important role for the composition , depending on areas and function, one or another were used , these are mostly aluminium and pine wood.

The center piece was made in aluminium in order to transmit cleanliness and asepsis sense that a dental clinic must have, a large metallic volume that forms the different rooms of the clinic.

The main room was completed with a continuous turquoise green pavement associated with corporate image. On the other hand the pine wood helps to complete the other rooms, mainly the recepction and waiting room , making a cozy and pleasant areas .

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Product Spec Sheet
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