DreamGlass® Bathroom applications in Hotel Industry

DreamGlass® Bathroom applications in Hotel Industry

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DreamGlass® Bathroom applications in Hotel Industry

Dream Glass Group - DGG as Manufacturers

DreamGlass® privacy glass allows for countless applications in residential spaces. As a consequence, its use in interior design has experienced major growth. By combining functionality and aesthetics, it's possible to achieve spaces with extensive light, which ultimately increases the users comfort. One of the latest applications in residential spaces DreamGlass® offers is bathroom partitions from bedrooms. A greater feeling of spaciousness is easily attained as the wall which divides the bathroom from the bedroom can be switched from opaque to clear, and vice versa, at the flick of a switch. Privacy may be granted at any given moment. DreamGlass® privacy glass has been granted IPX7 certificate (underwater testing) in addition to passing tests for Norm 60335 - 2 - 105 (mechanisms in humid areas). Hence, its use in bathrooms, spas, interior pools and other humid areas is now possible. DreamGlass® is continuously prescribed for bedroom/bathroom partitions in the Hotel Industry.

endless uses are possible with DreamGlass®

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