Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
KitchenBoffi s.p.a.
Washbasin, BathtubFalper
Shape, Spoon
ArmchairLiving Divani
Spoo| BathtubAgape

Product Spec Sheet
Washbasin, Bathtub
Shape, Spoon by Falper
Jean by e15
Bloom by Living Divani
Spoo| Bathtub
by Agape


Pitsou Kedem Architects as Architects

A one story, private residence in the center of the country. The architectural concept was to create a structure with a continuous, wide space, divided by internal courtyards and movable partitions into smaller spaces used for a variety of different functions. The different spaces and internal courtyards are joined together are joined together into one structure by two, ultra-thin roofs supported at one central point so that seem to float in the air. The two roofs merge, one into the other and extend for five meters over the building front walls. The entire roof is constructed from lightweight materials and, in order to provide a thin, wispy look at its edges, it is constructed with a moderate slop towards its center.

The structure itself is constructed from a series of spaces that are conceivably internal and conceivably external spaces. The entrance is framed with a wall of wooden slats which constitute what could be considered the initial boundary between the outside and the inside. When entering the space, we pass through a space resembling an entrance lobby – again, conceivably internal and conceivably external – which embodies the soft seam between the outside and inside areas.

Whilst walking through the entrance lobby space, we cross a transparent pool, studded with large basalt rocks and trees that seem to float on the water. As we enter the entrance lobby, we experience the illusion that the house is floating and being reflected, just as the roof appears to be floating above the structures walls. A ribbon window running along the building’s facades serves to emphasize the roof floating above the structure walls and cancels out the feeling of mass that its size suggests. A long, narrow reflection pool follows the structure’s walls, reflecting and emphasizing their covering and texture.

F House

Minotti as Manufacturers

The architectural design for this home, located in the upscale residential neighborhood of Savyon in Israel, is the work of Pitsou Kedem Architects, whose vision of contemporary residential architecture is that it must respect the most personal and private dimension of the individual, offering living spaces that are openly welcoming but at the same time, private.

The entrance to the home is a massive facade clad in dark stone, beyond which the visitor moves through a series of courtyards that surround the home, each of which serves a different purpose. The geometry of the spaces is pristine and essential, as is the choice of materials: stone, wood and glass.

The spacious, light-filled living room, which opens onto the swimming pool, was furnished with compositions from the Leonard seating system, upholstered in a luxurious gray fabric, and flanked by a Sullivan coffee table with smoked glass top.

- In charge architect: Hila Sela - Lighting design: Orly Avron Alkabes - Styling for photography: Eti Buskila

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