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Floating Skyscraper

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Floating Skyscraper - Calafia

21 Arquitectura as Architects

Currently there is a serious problem of the most indispensable resource worldwide: WATER. The World Health Organization reports that water scarcity affects 4 out of 10 people worldwide. It is very important to mention that the increase in climate change observed in recent years has become more visible, especially in water: droughts, floods, storms, flood water can contaminate supplies and with it spread diseases and increase poverty .

A harsh reality facing the Mexican people is that 10,496,000 homes do not have a daily water supply, which represents a total of 44 million Mexicans. Mexico appears in the group of nations with 'High water stress', ranking 24th out of 164 nations studied.

The ‘water stress” is the percentage of water that a population, city or country has annually. Among the diversity of states found in Mexico, there is one in particular: Baja California Sur, the perfect combination of beach and desert, characterized by its colorful sunsets. Unfortunately it is a thirsty state, crying out for water.

The state of Baja California Sur occupies the first place nationwide in terms of water stress. The city of La Paz México is close to its "zero day" of water, making it the first municipality in Latin America to be left without this vital liquid, generating a great crisis for this region.

When that day arrives we will have to learn to live in totally arid environments where there is no type of vegetation that can provide us with enough shadows and spaces for living together; that is why a vertical floating superstructure with forests is proposed at certain levels to promote the link with nature to each of its users.

The Calafia skyscraper will have nomadic characteristics since being floating, it will be possible to move it throughout the city or the municipality, in addition to containing a vault with seeds of different fruit trees which will be sown in each of the levels. The project considers the collection of rainwater through a system in its lightweight perforated facades, built in graphene.

Nature needs our help and in order to coexist in this great ecosystem we need to give it a break with this proposal we can re-imagine a future where we have a connection between nature and human beings.

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