GA technologies Office

GA technologies Office

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Nacasa & Partners

GA technologies Office

DRAFT Inc. as Architects

GA technologies is striving to transform real estate dealings into a more familiar course of action through application of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. Their motto is "Real And Tech." They make effective use of AI and other technologies for house-hunting that is done by visiting each property on foot, and are attempting to transform business in property purchase and investment, which has been a daunting task for most people, into a more familiar course of action.


To this end, the design team took aim at making the office a place where anyone could casually drop by for consultation about real estate. Containing many plants, the entrance is a large space that looks as comfortable as a living room. Equipped with a steel frame with a house motif, retro pendant lights, and neon signs in colors with a pop flair, the office completely changes the conventional image of real estate companies. Measuring about 3,300 square meters, the floor has more than 20 meeting rooms. A communal space for use by employees is sandwiched between expansive work space for engineers and agents.


Many of the employees working at GA technologies are millennials, who prize diversity. To enable them to work pleasantly, the design team prepared an environment for the work space that would accord as much respect as possible for individual work styles. To this end, they incorporated a big table with a coffee machine installed beside it, private rooms for individuals who want to concentrate exclusively on their work, and large beanbag cushions.


When they feel a need for communication with their colleagues, employees can simply take a walk down the path that goes around the whole office. Because this path runs through the center of all areas, it brings increased opportunities for physical contact between employees when they simply take a stroll on it. While making extensive use of messaging and Skype, the company also attaches importance to chats that occur spontaneously as a vital form of communication. The office of GA technologies strongly reflects their vision of transforming real estate dealing into a more open and familiar activity.

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Nelson Bubble Lamps
Nelson Lantern Tripod Lamp, Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant, Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant, Nelson Cigar Bubble Pendant by Herman Miller
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