Gruppo Cimbali Showroom

Gruppo Cimbali Showroom

Binasco, Italy - Build completed in 2015
Germano Borrelli


Arkispazio as Architects

Within a so wide area growing over time and transforming itself for the changes of the functional and representativeness needs, we reflected upon and reinterpreted this temporal stratificationat best, by eliminating the dissonant architectural elements, by enhancing the noteworthy ones and by proposing two totally renovated architectures characterized by contemporary and coherent language. The building of the reception is marked by a new “prow-shaped” volume turning to the showroom building; the new volume hosts not only two new meeting rooms on the ground floor and a terrace on the upper one, but it can also “absorb” visually the cumbersome presence of the glass cube of the switchboard. The “prow” is coated with a pre-oxidized copper skin, whose clippings emphasize the vertical rhythm of the main façade; the material is the same as the existing portal, oxidized in natural way over the years. The showroom façade can be seen as a whole, thanks to the demolition of a great and interfering curvilinear wing avoiding the perception. Its simple linearity is emphasized by the pre-oxidized copper sheet coating with vertical shape, as the facing façade of the reception extension; the two renovated buildings are, in this way, more related to each other. A cantilevered roof, coated with copper, highlights the main entrance through which you have access to the full height glass volume, now emphasized after removing superfluous architecture elements and the displacement of the pre-existing stairwell; in this space made of transparency and light, it Is possible to admire the concern history proposed in synthetic and very efficient graphics.

Serpentine Pavilion 2015
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Serpentine Pavilion 2015

London, United Kingdom - Planned in 2015
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