Kettal Showroom

Kettal Showroom

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Patricia Urquiola
Xavi Torrent Photography

Kettal Showroom

Patricia Urquiola as Interior Architects

Studio Urquiola redesigned Kettal’s showroom in the center of Barcelona with main intention to highlight its site-specificity while expressing the character of the brand, in order to create a space where the Mediterranean outdoor living is celebrated. Typical Spanish architecture features such as the existing iron structure and the original brick vaults of the ceiling where revealed and emphasized, and traditional typological features like the idea of the patio-courtyard and the extended use of ceramic tiles were introduced.

Taking advantage of the double height of the space and in an attempt to unify its 2 levels, the additional architectural elements that were inserted in order to identify the different zones of the showroom were 3 sequent boxes, each of them with a different form that serves a different function: display, exhibition surface, patio enveloping. A rectangular pattern, in various scales and modes, is distributed throughout the whole showroom, making evident the touch of Studio Urquiola while adding color, texture and the element of playfulness, creating a space to match with Kettal’s identity.

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