La Tour Vivante - The Living Tower

La Tour Vivante - The Living Tower

SOA Architectes
Rennes, France
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La Tour Vivante - The Living Tower

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The concept of the Living Tower’s aim is to associate the agricultural production, dwelling and activities in a single and vertical system. This system would allow to make the city denser meanwhile a greater autonomy could be gained reliance in agricultural plains, reducing the need of transportation between urban and extra-urban territories. The yet unusual superimposition of these programs finally makes it possible to consider new practical and energetic relations between agricultural culture, tertiary spaces, housing and trade inducing a very strong energy saving. With a topographic game of opposition between full and unfilled spaces, the system of the Living Tower is designed as an autonomous ecological machine which associates places of production, places of consumption and spaces of life. The full spaces systematically fulfill the requirements of housing and the offices, in term of comfort, heat insulation, acoustic and sunning, while the unfilled spaces can adapt to various functions of production.

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