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Sergio Grazia


Gaetan Le Penhuel & Associés, Architectes as Architects

The operation with the agency from Lille, Saison-Menu is the bridgehead of the new eco-district of the Clichy-Batignolles area in North Paris, built on the former grounds of the national railway company SNCF.

The project is complex in several ways: It involves organizing a mix of programs placed on an artificial slab 10 meters high and making the link with the old Paris Haussmann. The plot entrusted to the agency Le Penhuel includes shops, housing, rental and accession, as well as a residence for doctoral students, mall center.... It is bordered by the old street Cardinet. The plot takes the form of an open U around a garden, in direct connection with the other built part, the latter comprising a student residence, offices and social housing. To animate this entry into the Paris of the 21st century, a first strategic negotiation was to integrate the future subway exit Pont Cardinet, which will extend the line 14. The station ends in a double height hall largely open on the old street Cardinet. This public square installs transparencies in all directions, including the new Martin Luther King Park, and allows a smooth transition through stairs and escalators to the high terrace in the heart of the plot.

Outside, another circulation dug in an oblique notch under the frame and recalling the Montmartre stairs, allows access to the upper level. This walk continues along the north-south axis serving the neighborhood.

The building accompanies this new topography by playing on the heights: Side street Cardinet, the buildings are aligned on the horizon of old Paris then they are raised towards the railways. Facing the park, they take a jagged shape while on the low roofs are landscaped gardens and terraces. The repetitive facades, sober and regular remind the rigor of the beautiful Parisian industrial buildings. The commercial level height ensures a visual continuity with the second plot which takes the form of a black monolith dug by patios and engraved in the base, along the SNCF tracks. Faced with this volume, a second construction with housing and offices is a giant origami whose folds and re-folds accommodate balconies and winter gardens.

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