Oscar Ibirapuera
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Perkins and Will recreates Ibirapuera Park’s atmosphere in residential building

Perkins&Will as Architects

Burle Marx’s landscaping design, five edifications signed by Oscar Niemeyer and a rich cultural calendar. This unique blend of architecture, art and nature turned Parque Ibirapuera into one of São Paulo’s most iconic landmarks and one of the most famous parks in Latin America. 

A day spent in the park inspired the concept for Oscar Ibirapuera, new multifamily residential edifice signed by Perkins and Will’s studio in São Paulo. The project aims to recreate Parque Ibirapuera’s atmosphere inside of the building, providing residents with a full wellbeing experience. 

Inspiration by Oscar Niemeyer’s lines becomes evident in the building’s entrance. A wide pavilion with two floating slabs and wood cladding gains identity with pillars that make reference to the celebrated architect’s designs. A ceiling opening alludes to Ibirapuera Park’s organic forms. “The opening creates instigating angles. Residents can see the pool through it and observe a green roof that covers the rest of the ceiling”, explains architect Douglas Tolaine, Design Principal in Perkins and Will’s São Paulo studio. 

A mix of materials such as white mass, concrete, metal, wood and glass creates Oscar Ibirapuera’s contemporary look. “The design was thought to be simultaneously modern and timeless, just like Ibirapuera Park’s identity”, says Tolaine, 

The breathtaking view from the park is Oscar Ibirapuera’s main feature. “The front neighbourhood will not be verticalized, ensuring an eternal view to the greenery”. In addition, the apartments’ balconies have a gentle roof inclination, increasing amplitude perception and optimizing natural lightning and ventilation. The design also creates dinstinct visual settings accordingly to the changes in solar incidence throughout the day, “This provides the residents with an unique visual experience”, states Tolaine. 

Integration in the comunal areas, landscaping signed by renowned designer Benedito Abbud and interiors by architect Fernanda Marques generate fluidity inside the building, making reference to the sinergy between nature and construction found in Ibirapuera Park. Inspired by boutique hotel’s lobbies, the groundfloor is sheltered by a sumptuous marquee, turning Oscar Ibirapuera into an extension of the celebrated park. 

Fluidity also shows in the apartments’s flexible floorplans’ formats, offering 186m² or 233m² options and a private hall per unit. “Residents will also have the option of connecting the apartment’s living area to the balcony, taking even more advantage of the astonishing view”, explains Douglas. 

Oscar Ibirapuera was designed by Perkins and Will to create unique wellbeing experiences through the connection with nature, and rescue connection with culture through the proximity of this well known cultural venue in São Paulo.  

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