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370studio as Architects

Posypane Dom Makaronu is a new concept on the culinary map of Warsaw.

The pasta is made on the spot according to original recipes.

In the whole restaurant plaster was removed, which allowed to reveal reinforced concrete construction elements as well as brick walls, which we decided to use in the interior design. Their lower part was painted yellow and green, which created a characteristic sort of dado around the interior. The intense colours on the walls were combined with a dark navy blue floor made of microcement as well as with vintage patterned tiles. A characteristic accent of the restaurant are its two bars, made of copper sheet constituting two protruding elements. In one of them, behind a glass wall, in full view of the guests, pasta is going to be made. The welded wall –alongside the visual effect it guarantees – also functions as a “window” lighting up this small space.
The key elements giving the interior its unique character are posters with city plans, as well as old pasta making tools, hanging on a net installed on the wall. Apart from them, another specific decoration are black cables on the ceiling and on the walls, as well as visible elements of the installations.

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