Pyramid House

Pyramid House

Juan Carlos Ramos
Los Azufres, Mexico
Project Year
Residential Landscape
Juan Carlos Ramos

Pyramid House

Juan Carlos Ramos as Architects

The project is inspired by the landscapes of Lake Zirahuen and Lake Los Azufres in my native Michoacán, Mexico. It is a very wet and rainy weather in forested area, my first thought was to make a cottage and it was when I found a kind of fissure in the history of architecture , there were formal precedents for a pyramidal housing. This is due to the ritual character of the pyramid, architecture character has been given since antiquity. However for many people it may seem inconceivable from the perspective functionalist as reminiscent of modern architecture.

So I tried to redefine the use of a stunning geometric form and so little used in contemporary architecture . The approach was not easy, but I tried mold the spaces the project based on the logic of a contemporary home in which even you can work from home , this way I have as a compositional axis a creative space , a recording studio but well it could be a painting studio or an architectural studio. The pyramid house was created with the intention of improving the experience of living in a house as a reflection of the human being through the beauty of the architecture, I think it is a primary search in architectural design. I can not say that one way is better than another but I think the intention of creating spaces with natural illumination, comfortable and beautiful, where the user can improve their quality of life is completely honest.

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