Salone Silvano
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Suspending lampOcchioMito
Slimtech take care ground (floor)Lea Ceramiche
Lavabo Semincasso Tondo (Basin)Ceramica Cielo
ShuiComfort 1Cielo
Teo (faucet)GEDA s.r.l.

Product Spec Sheet
Suspending lamp
Slimtech take care ground (floor)
Lavabo Semincasso Tondo (Basin)
ShuiComfort 1
by Cielo
Teo (faucet)

Salone Silvano

Denis Dino Bassani as Architects

The shop is a “Barber Shop” located in the city of Udine in northern Italy.

The activity that has been handed down from generation to generation started back in 1962. After opening in the following years, they had two historical redevelopment interventions, always purely aesthetic, until the last generation of sons decided to completely evolve the look. The idea is to broaden the horizons from hair and beard cutting to commercial retail sales of personal care products and outfits.


From this desire comes the need to expand and combine two commercial spaces, those of cutting and that of sales. Thus, the design starts from the first concept taking into consideration the characteristic aspects of the space and the fundamental dimensions for working. After a careful analysis we decided to better arrange the seats, ensuring the usability of each one.


The client's requests on the need to have more storage space were satisfied by making custom-made furniture, which have the advantage of being as practical as possible when they are used with customer-occupied workstations.


It is a complete intervention, with its own complexities, where the total transformation of the existing room and the one next to it, interact with a partition wall, through a passage, emphasized by a material-pictorial design rich in color. This wants to be a fundamental sign in the design language of the show, as it marks the passage and expansion of the existing store. The project focuses on the development of the uniform, calm and balanced space, thanks to the new flooring and the veiled pictorial finish on all the opaque, horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Protagonist is the light, it plays a fundamental role and has been carefully studied to guarantee the best flow of brightness. The lamps chosen with criterion, guarantee a homogeneous light, but at the same time detailed on the person and on the products displayed, full control and their adjustment is done by a remote application or with a simple hand gesture. The design together with the wall finishing characterizes the appearance of the salon.


All the furnishings are "custom made", designed with attention to detail, allow you to make the most of every work area.


The Intervention has led to an improvement of the space, where using a new language, has sought to resume the traditions and enhance the strengths of the old generations of barbers. The image you have is a calm and imaginative space, which allows the customer to feel relaxed and pampered.


Material Used :

1. Lea ceramiche slimtech take care ground (floor)

2. Ceramica cielo lavabo semincasso tondo (basin)

3. Geda teo (faucet)

4. Occhio mito suspending lamp

5. Decorating walls

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