Three-storey Villa

Three-storey Villa

Catanzaro, Province of Catanzaro, Italy | View Map
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Over 150 sqm of Lapitec® Avorio Lux add an elegant touch of radiance to the living area of a luxurious villa in Calabria

Lapitec as Manufacturers

It’s 150 square metres of pure Lapitec® lustre for this three-storey villa in the province of Catanzaro, in Calabria, Italy. In fact, full body sintered stone has been used not only for the living room floors but also on the staircase of this luxurious villa in Calabria, Italy. For this project, the designers opted for12mm slabs for the flooring and 20mm slabs for the staircase and doorways.

The Lux finish was specifically chosen for the very natural way it reflects the light, giving the space a bright and airy radiance. Furthermore, the warmth of this delicate Avorio shade adds a special touch of elegance. The same colour tone and finish has also been used for the floor of the spacious living room, which has been finished with herring bone-pattern tiles, made from Lapitec® 90x90 slabs. Finally, the simple lines of the straight-edged slabs on the three flights of stairs, have been further offset by the two rounded steps and rectangular tile accents, which recall Greek columns, further demonstrating the versatility and workability of the material.

Although the aesthetic of the material was an essential element in this interior design project, what persuaded the client the most was also the technical specification of the material. In fact, they were looking for a polished material, but without the problems you typically get with ordinary ceramic floors. And, in this case, Lapitec®‘s resistance to heat, chemicals and scratches – problems that often ruin the finish of ordinary flooring solutions  – and easy-clean surfaces, which require just an ordinary floor cloth and a normal floor cleaning product, made it the perfect choice. Furthermore, Avorio Lux is low-maintenance and doesn’t require any special treatments or polishing to maintain its beautiful sheen.

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