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Just / Burgeff Architekten as Architects

The 47-storeys-high Office- and Hotel-Building WestendGate, also known as the Marriott Hotel, is being extensively modernized by Just/Burgeff Architekten.


Among other things, the renovation includes an architectural and energy efficient new design of the office levels, including the lobby and a conference level for the hotel as well as a new design and refurbishing of the entire façade, the installation of new solar façade modules, new building air-conditioning and optimizing of the lighting.


In addition the grounds were reorganized and designed and a new canopy was planned. After completion of the work, a reduction of the energy use and CO2 emissions of about 36% was achieved. That earned the WestendGate the Green Building Certificate issued by the European Commission.

Grounds and Canopy

The high-rise is located at the intersection of public green areas which are now extended by the newly created grounds. With the relocation of the underground garage exit, a large urban space for recreation was established. 1500 square meters of basalt tiles spread out smoothly into the urban surroundings, opening the space up to the city while with its new roof, it creates a new gateway to the Westend.


The organic tree-like structure of the sculptural roof is easily recognizable from a great distance. 1000 square meters of roof surface extend at one point up to a height of 14 meters, zoning in the square, with translucent air cushions filling out the construction and providing office workers and hotel guests refuge from the rain. The canopy draws in the entire forecourt, which provides access to the combined new office center and hotel driveway ensemble.



While care was taken in the redesign of the façade to maintain the former appearance of dark façade surfaces and light gable ends, the old static and flat grace was given a plastic effect with a dynamic structuring, creating a proportionality that becomes accessible to the viewer upon approaching the building.


The façade was assembled from 3-dimensional components, which are each kinked in the vertical section, whereby the path of the kink shifts from panel to panel. As the shadow and the light reflections of the elements vary depending on the position of the sun, the façade adapts to the sunlight.


Material Used :
1. Seele - foil cushion roof structure - ETFE seele cover
2. Sefar - luminous ceiling - Sefar Architecture IL-80-OP

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Foil cushion roof structure - ETFE seele coverSeele
Product Spec Sheet
Foil cushion roof structure - ETFE seele cover
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