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Zachodni Brzeg

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Zachodni Brzeg // West Bank

370studio as Interior Architects

Zachodni Brzeg serves Middle East cuisine. The name has a double meaning, referring both to the Western bank of the Vistula River (where the bistro is situated – the local aspect) and to the Western bank of the Jordan (the source of the major culinary inspirations – the global aspect).

The interior is strongly influenced by the Middle Eastern world, with a special emphasis put on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict:

– the wall, whereon there is a leather loge, was made on order from concrete tiles imitating those used in the wall separating the conflicted countries.

– the restaurant’s logo (also designed by us) is also divided with an invisible line

– in the interior there appear various forms of arabesques and ornaments from Eastern cultures (from an original spatial graphic design centered around a lotus flower, made by a street artist Szymon SC to graphic motifs on menus).

– in the interior, there are plenty of details made on order, according to the original design: the legs of the tables are made of reinforced rod and the table tops are encrusted with antiquated metal cut in a shape of a star (thus referring to the star on the floor around the bar); handmade wall flower pots in the right wing of the restaurant are decorated with a pattern inspired by the bar front; the seats on the terrace are at the same time large pots with a palm tree in the centre… This is not all – the list is very long.

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Tiles - FS-star, FS-sajaPeronda Group
Lamps - QAZQA Navigator, QAZQA Licor Luxe, QAZQA Piatto, QAZQA Fantasy 4QAZQA
Product Spec Sheet
Tiles - FS-star, FS-saja
Lamps - QAZQA Navigator, QAZQA Licor Luxe, QAZQA Piatto, QAZQA Fantasy 4
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