ZERO-E ice cream cafè

ZERO-E ice cream cafè

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Isola del Liri (FR)
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Italian architecture firm NINE creates a full tailor made interior for ZERO-e “clean label” ice cream café.

NINE associati as renovation and interior design, furniture design, branding and graphic design

With the care and passion of those who “create” ice cream for over a century, the Masci family preserves and hands down the craft secrets related to Italian ice-cream traditions since 1898.

Opened by Alessandro Masci and Alberto Pagnani, in the old town centre of Isola del Liri, ZERO-E was established to be the first “clean label” ice cream cafe in its district as also the first cafe to propose a culinary experience around the ice cream world.

The interior of the shop, from the graphics on the walls down to the smallest accessories, as also the all company branding has been completely designed by the Italian architecture practice NINE and manufactured by local Italian artisans. 

The project moved by the need to renew in a very short time a 38 sq.m. and impersonal small space equipping it with a lab, so the strategy was stepped in 3 clear point: a completely optimization any sq.m. of the interior; the tailor made design of almost any furniture and a flexible use over time of spaces.

Graphic communication, interior architecture and furniture design were melt together letting the space to interact with both outside and inside and to communicate at any time at any scale the story and the philosophy of the owners even when the cafe is closed.

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renovation and interior design, furniture design, branding and graphic design
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