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Grzegorz Sztybel

The seat of the advertising and movie sound production company is a remarkable place, the place in which the paths of many different people: actors, lectors, clients and team employees intermingle. The same way, there intermingle the paths of sound and images in audio and sound montage rooms. There is a lot going on here. All that jazz needs to be restrained and arranged - divided and separated, so that both work and breaks between the recordings provide necessary relaxation. In our design we put forward a new, logical and functional division of space dedicated either for work and casual meetings.

Our primary design task was to create an arranged, representative entrance - a spacious common area. The company seat is located in a terraced house from the 80’s, rather dimly lit and with undersized interiors. The ground floor space, where a receptionist welcomes the visitors, was completely redesigned. There is a coatroom and a room with a large table designed for meetings with a large number of participants. We also prepared separate rooms for the administration and accounting as well as some quiet nooks for casual meetings. And, of course, a lavatory. The design needed to be economical since the building is only rented. The real challenge here was a tough deadline imposed by the investor - a holiday period. The assumption was not to interfere with the large amount of tasks which the company employees have to complete during the year.

All tiers underwent renovation which included renovation of the staircase and development of new designs of the recording and sound editing studios. However, the major part of the renovation related to the ground floor area. Apart from the rearrangement of the areas and functions on the ground floor, our design included development of partition walls, which is a reference to the divider wall structures in 2b4 buildings. We teasingly didn’t fill them in with the acoustic insulation material that would absorb the noise. We left (and designed) structure framework and emphasized their aesthetics by filling them with semitransparent polycarbonate panels. Transverse divisions of the wooden structure form marvelous shelves for books, magazines and binders.

Thanks to this solution the interiors became more spacious. The activities performed in individual rooms are hardly seen, however, the light from the garden spreads throughout the whole ground floor. All structures and furniture are made of varnished pine wood, the filling panels are made of semitransparent polycarbonate and the ground level floor is covered with grey rubber flooring. The walls were painted white and additionally we placed a mirror in the waiting room to make the room even more spacious. To complement the interior we used standard luminaires and simple and affordable furniture from a well-known megastore.

Refurbishment Coworking “BBF Market Plaza”
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Refurbishment Coworking “BBF Market Plaza”

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