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Project • By LABS DIZAINSPrivate Houses


What should a soulfully refined home look like? A home that is made solely in accordance with one's personal worldview of modern space, philosophy and good taste? It should be a home that is filled with a pleasant desire to disconnect from public events and at the same time be an escape room - not an escape in this sense, but a sanctuary. Peace, purity of style and high quality design created by the harmony of forms - these are the values with which a house speaks to its owners every day. LABS DIZAINS LABS DIZAINS From the inside out  The single-storey private house has been thoughtfully and carefully built, without any haste, gradually developing the idea of the desired end result. Its form has been created organically fro... More

Project • By VKarpenkoPrivate Houses

Easter house in Domodedovo

he house is located in the south of the Moscow region in the Domodedovo district. The customers are a young creative family whose hobbies include traveling. This is clearly visible by the Easter Island statue greeting guests and passers-by at the entrance. The reduced copy of the statue is placed not only as an outrageous detail of the entrance group, but also as a visual boundary along the site and at the same time an architectural dominant uniting neighbors. Hurtin Vasiliy The main house is located in a pine forest on a plot having an elongated shape with a length of 68 by 14 meters. This determined the location and shape of all the buildings of the garage, the main house, the barbecue area and the gazebo at the end of the plot, whi... More

Project • By Guelo Nunes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Pinheiros Residence

The original house had a nice layout and an interesting volumetry. On the other hand, the house still was in its original state, which happened in the 60s and needed an urgent transformation so that it could attend the new demands of the family and in its finishes to update the house to these days. Evelyn Müller In the ground floor the reorganization of the living room and the creation of a veranda were the most meaningful changes: now, the social area opens to the backyard, which was before isolated and forgotten. Evelyn Müller The dining room occupied the area where the gourmet is today and all the living looked only to where the swimming pool is today. When rearranging the social area, the living room took a better... More

Project • By NK ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Light Сlassic

Concept Architect-designer Natalia Karjakina started the project when the customer finished building the "box" and barely had time to make the roof truss system. Initially, the layout and design of the house was ordered from another private architect's bureau, but from the original concept in the end only the outlines of the plan remained. In the process of construction and decoration, all previously planned engineering systems and, accordingly, the design of the house itself, including the facade and the entire interior design, have changed. Andrey Avdeenko The house is intended for a country holiday of a family of 4 people. The main wish of customers in relation to design was to create a cozy and bright space. They did not single o... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Summer House in Karpathos

Sitting on one of the highest points of Karpathos, a authentic yet contemporary residence made its appearance on the rocky terrain of Othos with traditional forms and patterns taken straight from natural local sources. The vacation house designed and built by A&M became a unique addition to the village’s picturesque context. Through geometric volumes, laid on a variety of heights according to the site’s slope, the house completes the contours of land in a unique yet challenging way.  Α&Μ' s seamless service set spanned from conceptual design stages of Architectural, Engineering, MEP (in collaboration with PG Kamarinos office) and Interior Design services, up to styling and finishing touches as well as land... More

NewsNews • 27 Jan 2021

Pure and simple geometry defines the House of Jabuticabeiras

With its pure and simple geometry, natural materials such as concrete, wood and stone, House of Jabuticabeiras offers a warm and welcoming environment.   Felipe Araújo Designed by mf+arquitetos, the composition of the house comprises two parallel volumes on the ground floor and then another transverse volume above these two. The volumes result in an internal patio.   Felipe Araújo The lot itself has an exit to two streets, with the house then divided into two sectors with two entrances: being social and service. The layout of the house was established according to the family’s day-to-day living needs with an emphasis placed on the importance of the kitchen. Another important aspect wa... More

Project • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandIndividual Buildings

Font House

Gluckman Smith Architects’ Font House project – announced as an RIBA Regional Awards winner – is defined by its palette of high quality materials, including pre-weathered brass copper roofing. Font House is located within a historic walled garden in the grounds of Grade I listed Nevill Holt Hall in Leicestershire, UK. The new house and landscaped garden provide discreet entertainment space, supporting Nevill Holt’s Opera festival, and is at the heart of the owner’s vision of breathing new life into a historic country estate. The design takes on a symmetrical form with the composed presence of a pavilion. A large central reception space is framed by two simple bedrooms that project beyond the central mass of t... More

Project • By Uru ConsultingPrivate Houses

Box House

“A Clean, Well-lighted Place”, the title of a Hemingway story sits well with this Box House erected by the Design Firm, Uru Consulting. This unembellished house that is home to sunlight and the cool breeze of the Elanji tree, is situated near the International Airport, Calicut. Uru offers the perfect design for the Box House, a plain canvas open to the improvisations of the client with artistic sensibilities. Bauhaus Design and Minimalism: Arts and Crafts for Function Minimalism finds its manifestation through the Bauhaus design- combining Arts and Crafts a rare blend of aesthetic refinement and mundanity. This Scandinavian architectural design stands out for its harmoniously balanced geometric shapes, deep-rooted in one word:... More

Project • By AAANPrivate Houses

House Zevenhuizen

On the outskirts of Zevenhuizen, this house stands as a pure black sculpture in a patchwork of greenhouses, farmlands and dwellings. At first glance the slated house looks like a classical barn in the backyard, but upon approach it unveils a contemporary and sophisticated detailling. The house has been built on a plot in the Zuidplaspolder. The goal of the assignment was to create a modern dwelling that fits in a rural environment. The building is composed of a sober archetypal main form, in which additions and interruptions to the volume are avoided. Only few perforations have been introduced around the user space. To strengthen the archetypal shape, the roof surface and facade are made of the same material.  The living areas of th... More

Project • By K&M Design StudioPrivate Houses

House JP28

Set in a prime location in Bengaluru, this modern house provides a calm respite in the midst of a bustling city. The three-storeyed residence is inhabited by a family of four, and is a carefully curated juxtaposition of minimal aesthetics, functionality and concepts of Vastu (traditional Indian science of spatial design and placement).   The main entrance to the house leads the visitors to the portico on the first floor while the car parking entrance provides a more private access to residents via the internal staircase and the elevator.    The main visitor entrance reveals a double-heighted, extensive living area. The volume rendered to the living area maximizes fresh air and natural light in all connected spaces. The li... More

Project • By Dumican Mosey ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Atherton Residence

Designed for Bay Area luminaries in Atherton, California this residence reflects a well-orchestrated response to a host of requirements, technologies, and amenities. Built for living, working, entertaining, and play, the diverse building program created the opportunity to weave a rich tapestry of form, materials, and details that reveal themselves at every corner. Anchored by the primary palette of Sapele wood and Jerusalem Limestone, the structure radiates warmth and elegance. By ‘folding’ the front yard down to the basement level, the building sensitively reduces its height and presence on the site; and through expansive glass and openings creates an engaging dialogue with the outdoors. More

Project • By Urbanism Planning Architecture - UPA ItaliaPrivate Houses

Private Villa Abu Dhabi

Within an important residential area of high  quality villas facing the sea, a total built-up area of more than 2,500 sqm had been dedicated for the design and construction of a new three floor villa with underground service spaces . The villa comprises many bed room suites in addition to receptions, living and dining spaces, library, offices study rooms with children play area.  The facade that face the main street was designed  with a semi solid treatment, to preserve privacy, while the façade in front of the sea is characterize by transparent glass and balconies, and opens to the outdoor area that includes an open swimming pool and a well designed landscape. This luxurious villa of very high quality internal design... More

Project • By Doron Sheinman ArchitectsHousing

SHN Residence

The SHN residence at Neve Shalom is a private two-story building for single-family occupancy. Located at Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom—a one-of-a-kind Israeli Arab-Jewish village committed to cultural equity—the house’s position embodies the experience of accommodation in terms of both openness and hospitality.  Shaped in a ‘U’ around a celebratory entrance yard, the house’s typology conveys an invitation to enter, while simultaneously functioning as a protective shield for its dwellers. The wide, open and well-lit space at the entrance floor creates continuity, which is gently interrupted by the various moments of attraction within it.  One of those moments is the living room. It functions both... More

Project • By Melodi Zarakol ARCHITECTPrivate Houses

Graffiti Laneway House

Inspired by the curvature inherent in most graffiti, this laneway house incorporates curves into its elevations in a playful manner. More

Project • By Melodi Zarakol ARCHITECTPrivate Houses

Black & White House

A restrained monochromatic palette of white brick, white stucco, black painted wood, and black aluminum clad windows. This timeless black and white theme carries through into the interior finishes as well. ​This classically designed home balances grandeur with modernism on a quiet street in Toronto. More