Ábaco Restaurant

Ábaco Restaurant

Calle Juan de Labrit, 19, Pamplona, Spain - Build completed in 2016
Rubén Pérez Bescós

Ábaco Restaurant

GVG Estudio as Architects

Hartza― 'the Bear' in Basque ― was a widely renowned restaurant run by the Arza sisters in Pamplona. It was considered a real gastronomic temple until it was closed due to retirement in 2008. Since then, many well established restaurateurs have shown a strong interest in its premises, located in the historical centre of the city, but it was not until the arrival of JesúsÍñigo that the Arza sisters decided to transfer their legacy. Jesús' cuisine is radically different from theirs, but they admire each other. He commissioned us to refurbish the premises with one condition: to show the restaurant personality evincing a profound respect towards the old Hartza.

An awe-inspiring wood structure ― split in different levels creating mid and double height areas ― sequences a fragmented space that offers a range of private dining rooms. Dark wood decoration reproduces the domestic sobriety of the typical Basque housing.

A 10 mm steel sheet has been trimmed, folded and continuously welded to give a unitary response by means of an abstract, floating, inserted, sole object that generates some kind of adapted contrast with the old premises, as the cuisine of Jesús does regarding the Arza sisters'. The sheet pattern recreates an old motif from the local popular fabrics.

This inserted object solves all requirements: it is the seat, the back, the facing, the screen, the handrail, it includes air conditioning diffusers and sound absorption. This way, the walls are freed from such elements and can be made uniform in dark blue, highlighting the structural, spatial geometry so characteristic of the former Hartza.

Singapore University of Technology and Design
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