Private Houses
Marble Falls, United States
Andrew Pogue


Lake|Flato Architects as Architects

Responding initially to the site’s steeply rising topography, a vertically structured house quickly became the obvious design direction for Blue Lake Retreat. Leveraging this design opportunity for its greatest potential, the narrow 3-story residence dramatically culminates at the top floor which is set just above the tree line, providing nearly a 180-degree view of the lake beyond. The third floor north-facing glazed wall offers unobstructed views of the lake, while punched openings give glimpses of the rugged beauty of the hillside behind, showcasing the counterpointed landscapes.

Adding emphasis the site’s two uniquely juxtaposed landforms of water and rugged hillside, the third floor cantilevered deck reaches out toward the lake while a bridge anchors into the hillside, connecting the house to its surrounding landscape. Bedrooms are tucked below on the lower two floors. All circulation space is located outside, allowing users to further interact with the outdoors.

A two-story boathouse mimics the design of the house. A bridge extends back to the lower hillside, utilizing structures to unite the site’s juxtaposed, varied landforms

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