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STRABAG Belgium nv
Klaas Verdru


B2Ai as Architects

The master plan for this site translated the institution’s innovative approach into an architectural vision. A characteristic feature is the concept of progressing along a path: every young (juvenile) person is first assigned to a closed population, advances during a reorientation period to a semi-open population and finally to a phase of ‘living independently under supervision’ pending reintegration in society. All of these steps along the path occur in different buildings. The buildings have been embedded along a narrow street that runs through the campus to symbolise the ‘straight and narrow’, or a law-abiding route through life.

After construction of the first passive school in Flanders and the passive sports hall, the renovation of this landmark barn-like structure is the third phase in carrying out the master plan. The barn retains its spatiality thanks to application of the box-in-a-box principle. This project is a sustainable project, with the application of the energetic concept ‘Passive House’ and use of ecologic materials.

Passive Sports Hall Beernem

STRABAG Belgium nv as Contractors

The project includes a unique sports complex using a passive house concept for the special juvenile care institution 'De Zande': a premiere in Belgium. For the realization of this passive sports hall, a lot of sustainable and energy-efficient techniques were used: night ventilation, heat recovery and careful orientation of outside walls and glass sections. The building partly sunk into the ground to save more energy. Energy efficiency and sustainability were central to this project. Two entrances have been built to enter the sports hall: a protected entry near the school and a public entry on the street side. The sports hall will have an uninterrupted indoor height of 8 metres. Outdoor sports fields were built on the roof of the sports hall with a boundary of transparent screens. The cellar is a concrete bowl on anchor piles, entirely surrounded with bentonite mats for water sealing and pressure-resistant insulation panels in order to improve the isolation values such E- and K- levels. STRABAG Belgium was responsible for the closed carcass and finishing works.

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