DREA is a hybrid building that brings together spaces of a large warehouse for audiovisual equipment and its offices, located in an industrial park in the western part of the Guadalajara metropolitan area.


From the outside, the building is presented as a black metal box, a large "horn" resting at its ends on two six meter-tall concrete elements. This configuration generates a central vacuum of double-height at ground level, a large threshold that welcomes and invites to continue further inside. When entering, a closed facade is left behind that tells very little about what is happening inside. The inconsistency of the context has been the reason why the project seeks its architectural and functional qualities in an introspective way.


The functional program is divided into three main areas: the warehouse, the corporate and the terrace.


The spatial requirements were based on the conception of a warehouse as large as possible to store visual audio equipment, structures and equipment for events, a work area in direct contact with the warehouse and a leisure area: the shared terrace.


The arrangement of the spaces has been taken care of strategically not only for the correct development of the productive life of the building but also for the generation of a spatial experience representative of the corporate identity. Each space is configured to respond to specific needs and gains more value by having a “domestic” dimension that conveys comfort to all the people who occupy them.


Finally, the building responds to one of the main concerns of the client: not having enough space for everything the company needed, much less for the future. In response to this need, the building is configured as an architectural system: the completely free ground floor and the stacking of the other spaces have been the key to a strategic project focused on the evolution and growth of the company.

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