Gaudenti 1971 - Vittorio Emanuele

Gaudenti 1971 - Vittorio Emanuele

Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy | View Map
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Italian fine pastry meets the international bakery

lamatilde as Interior design

Gaudenti 1971 is a new format that mixes the small, Italian fine pastry shop with a large international bakery. This was the starting point to define a space that could convey both respect for the traditional values of Italian culture and a strong drive for renewal. This premise translated into a careful renovation of existing elements, which were systematically integrated into the new decor. While a different graphic motif was designed for each venue, giving a new interpretation of historical decorative styles, the consistent use of velvet and blue wood ensures the brand is instantly recognizable.

Inside one of Turin’s oldest fine pastry shops, all elements with historical value were recovered and enhanced, while those that hindered optimal use of space were redirected to new use – such as the windows, turned into little deco sitting areas. Any additions were custom designed: the counter, for example, contrasts the wood paneling with its spaceship-like look. Only noble materials were selected to complete the decor, but additional treatments – such as a brushed finish on brass – set a more muted tone throughout.

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