Golden Bund Kindergarten

Golden Bund Kindergarten

CLOU Architects
Hangzhou, China
Project Year

Primary Schools

Golden Bund Kindergarten

CLOU Architects as Architects

The Golden Bund Kindergarten is located in the historical Liangzhu area to the north-west of central Hangzhou. Its plot has a narrow rectangular shape directly facing the main street and contains both the kindergarten and a retail volume.

CLOU’s design intention was to create an attractive place for children while integrating the form and façade of the building harmoniously with its retail neighbour for a unified skyline.

Besides ensuring large areas of playgrounds on the ground floor, CLOU’s design has carved the project volume into stepped terraces which become balconies for each classroom. Students can enjoy the fresh air at any time of the day right outside their classroom.

Colour can give children a sense of space and art taste, so the colour palette of the design is lively and elegant, following Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards. At distance, the golden bund kindergarten looks like colourful and stacked building blocks, inspiring the curiosity of the young.

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