half-timbered attic

half-timbered attic

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half-timbered attic

Consul & co as Architects

Initial data: in a two-story single-family mansion, the customer decided to divide the overly high garage by overlapping, thus creating a square in plan dark (without windows) attic with very low walls around the perimeter, which cannot be approached due to the sloping roof, and a metal column in the center, on which the floor is hanging. In it, he asked me to place a laundry, ironing, grocery pantry with a freezer and a seasonal dressing room. The room for this I got, frankly, disgusting in all respects, which, in fact, makes my task more interesting: squeeze the entire list of premises into 40 square meters, given the column in the middle; rational use of low zones around the perimeter for built-in cabinets and racks; competently illuminate all necessary areas with natural light; and most importantly, to create a worthy interior in the bionic style of the whole house that I set, with elements of fachwerk due to the abundance of rafters.
     With the help of four skylights, it was possible to effectively and efficiently illuminate everything. The doors to the closet are mirrored, not only for a visual increase in the interior: behind one of them is a dressing room, accordingly there should be an opportunity to see your reflection in full growth. In our scanty space this is achieved due to the maximum distance from the mirror along the diagonal of the room. At the same time, we see ourselves as brightly and favorably (at 45 degrees) illuminated by daylight. All interior elements were designed by me specifically for this project.
     As a result, the interior turned out to be more comfortable than necessary for utility rooms, which will certainly turn washing and ironing into the main sources of pleasure for the owners of the house.

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