House of Wine

House of Wine

Community Centres and Cultural Centres
9442 Berneck, Switzerland - Build completed in 2018
Faruk Pinjo

House of Wine

Carlos Martinez Architekten as Architects

Clear the decks for wine and culture in the heart of the historical town of Berneck where a new center for local viticultural products has been created. Nestled into the patchwork structure of the surroundings, two new buildings complement the former barn and shed of an extant farmhouse. Although these are subordinate to the existing buildings, with simple means they are able to set distinctive accents. A clear architectural language is predominant which is articulated in an understated selection of materials and strong references between inside and outside. The core piece is a monolithic structure of beige colored cement which incorporates the existing buildings, and opens in the direction of the town center as a welcoming gesture. Impressions of various wine leaves are embossed subtly on the surface of the exposed concrete and convey the message of the building creatively and to the point.

The function room in the center of the building is persuasive with lofty dimensions, stringent selection of materials as well as strong references to the exterior space. The revetted walls and ceiling in spruce provide not only visual accents but appealing acoustics as well. The panorama window frames the view of the sun-lit, steep-sloping vineyards and brings the surroundings visually into the interior. A folding glass wall provides a seamless transition between inside and outside and expands the hall around the forecourt in the summer months. The center of the house is the wine cellar including a vault made of pyramid formed ceiling elements. With a room temperature of 17°C and presentation niches for various local wines, it offers adequate display and wine tasting space for up to 30 people. A symbiotic relationship between wood and cement reigns here as well and provides a new interpretation of the traditional wine cellar.

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