Flat Refurbishment in Madrid

OOIIO Architecture as Architects

OOIIO Architecture concludes the refurbishment works in a cozy apartment in Madrid Rio: MIGA House.

This is a recycling work, changing, starting a new life, for an old flat in a humble concominium.

MIGA House aims to demonstrate that the standardized, the depressed, can be reborn with optimism, colour, light and imagination.

A simple apartment of just 60 m2 with an old distribution full of partitions and partitions that suffocate its spatiality, can through a good interior design project become a modern and fun flat, adapted to the new contemporary family social structures, perfect for a working couple who wants to live in a design apartment, without having to spend tens of thousands of euros for that.

For this project the architects wanted to play with the expressiveness of materials, textures and colours. Some of them with fine and sophisticated finishes combined with rough and cheap surfaces, looking for contrasts that are further enhanced with artificial lighting.


Project Credits
Products used in this project
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct name
floorsCerámicas Aparici S.A
tilesVives Azulejos y Gres S.A.
Product Spec Sheet
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