Reconstruction of Raiffeisen Bank

Reconstruction of Raiffeisen Bank

Gähler Flühler Architects
St Margrethen, Switzerland
Michael Chartouni

Light Ceiling – Bank reconstruction

SEFAR as Manufacturers

Project. The bank building fits into the structure of Grenzstrasse in St.Margrethen, Switzerland and orientates itself to that structure. The building should mirror the customer concept in that every client is welcome and received warmly.

Concept/Design. In the center of the building is a two-storey high hall with a glazed ceiling. This naturally well-lit central section should also provide light for the counter area by means of glass building blocks. The counter area has a basalt floor, wooden panelling and plaster ceiling in rich tones. To provide an invisible covering for the underside of the glass building blocks, a translucent and acoustically effective fabric was found in the form of SEFAR®Architecture Light Frame Module, which satisfied all the criteria. The space between the glass blocks and the light frame ceiling is furnished with adjustable FL lighting so that the counter area can be illuminated with or without natural light. The light ceiling has the effect of making the counter area seem higher and larger, and is perceived as a homogenous surface. Owing to its double layer, neither the single lights nor the glass blocks above are a distraction. At the same time, the fabric layer reduces reverberation and positively contributes to the spatial acoustics.

Construction. For a light ceiling, the edge construction and attachments are central. Due to its size, the light frame module was constructed on-site. Thanks to its intelligent tentering frame, construction without the creation of shadows at the edges was possible.

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