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Stella Gracia School

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School is the basic foundation in forming children characters, both at academics and their social life. Located at Pekanbaru, Riau, Stella Gracia School consists of primary school, secondary and high school, indoor sports facility, and international size football field.

This basic foundation is similar to the “tree” concept, which inspired us to make the design concept for this school. In order to grow into a large and strong tree, it is important to have a strong foundation or root. Therefore, the school was designed to provide a comfortable and fun learning process, as its foundation.

The climate problem at Pekanbaru became one of our considerations. In the presence of strong heat from the sun, it is important to maintain the temperature inside the building. In order to achieve thermal comfort, we divided the mass of the school and placing the window based on the sun’s direction and intensity. It is similar to the way of leaves on the tree working.

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