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Victoria Brown Bar

Victoria Brown Bar

Hitzig Militello arquitectos
Buenos Aires, Argentina | View Map
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Victoria Brown Description & Team

Hitzig Militello arquitectos as Architects

The design responds essentially to a clear picture provided by the client, an image and personal style of a specific period and aestheticism aimed to a sophisticated audience. The choice of "secret " doors clad in brick in the hallways answers to an allusion to the concept of speakeasy bar. In the front, a coffee place whose characteristics mark tendency. Without intending to replicate or reproduce a time era, the proposal seeks to build a patchwork of situations and conceptual triggers, therefore generating the intended climate. Spatially, the factory setting is typically ethereal, so there was a clear intention to divide the space in order to generate a low spatial scale. The use of "stations" is a strategy that create distinctive focus areas in the project, giving the design a different area of enjoyment, not only bar o vip spaces, but a third space : distinctive, heavy, dim. The connections between the stations and the bar mimic the concept of distilling whiskey, but function as lighting and winery. The last room assembles the living rooms which are divided by scissors screens that may eventually move to change the distribution. This achieves two objectives, maintaining the industrial image and, furthermore, generating a versatile space.

Design challenges:

Organization The space where the intervention took place was an abandoned warehouse. Nothing, with exception of the kitchen, could be used for the new project . Organizationally, being bar and the coffee place separated, it was necessary that many areas were common to both which required an overall design of the space in order to allow this.

Insulation It was necessary to build a surrounding brick wall with different types of insulation (glass wool and rubber). The insulation on the ceiling was resolved with projected cellulose.

Structure For the construction of the three central stations of the room it was necessary to place structural welded tubes from the old ceiling of the room to hold 12 old industrial barrels.

Lighting All lighting was installed through cable trays which allowed easy distribution . The choice of lighting was through spot dimmable lights and dimmable led.

Decorations Two artifacts were built formed through the union of antique pieces and new objects. Both devices work and have movement. A clockwork watch designed via vertical gear, and an old machine from nineteenth century. The brick walls where aged by a specialized scenery designer that performed these tasks. The result is similar to an old factory from the late nineteenth century.

Project_ Documentation HM.Arquitectos _ Fernando Hitzig & Leonardo G. Militello

Project managment: Leonardo G. Militello

Promoter: The Edge SRL

Project team: Arq. Magdalena Molinari

Constructor: HM.Arquitectos & Luis Acosta

Structure Advisor: Carlos Gadini

Acoustics Advisor: Ariel Sueiro

Collaborators: Branding: Santiago Spiga -The brand bean- Scenographer: Clock, Machine, brick wall: Jerónimo Basso Muralist: Martín Ron Installation Data, cameras, alarms: Claudio Katcheroff

Renders: Bad Pic ( Juan I. Rosales & Lucia Stafforini )

Photography: Andres Martellini

Total Covered Surface: 377 m2 Total Uncovered Surface: 8 m2

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