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Destination Maternity

Destination Maternity

Meyer Design Inc.
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Destination Maternity

Teknion as Manufacturers


Destination Maternity is home to the world’s leading maternity apparel brands,

operating an international network of retail locations under the trade names Motherhood Maternity®, A Pea in the Pod® and Destination Maternity®. In 2013, the company announced its plan to move operations split between two sites in Philadelphia to a single headquarters facility in a 74,000-square-foot (6875 m²) building in Moorestown, New Jersey—about 25 miles (40 km) away across the Delaware River.

The company’s bright, fully refurbished corporate offices were designed to cultivate

creativity and collaboration across all functional areas, including design, merchandising, marketing, sales and distribution. Teknion and architectural firm Meyer Design planned and selected furniture for 63 private offices and 340 workstations, each aligned with the unique needs of the maternity apparel business and those of individual staff members. Kupper Engineering was also part of the project team.


 Prior to the move, Destination Maternity allowed Teknion representatives to walk through the company’s existing space, thereby gaining insight into traffic flow and workflow, as well as each department’s specific requirements for storage and display space.

"We differentiated ourselves from competitors by making sure we understood the client’s world. We then developed renderings to demonstrate how design could reinforce productivity and the creative process," notes Kristin Archer, Teknion A&D Market Manager for the Philadelphia market. "For example, our Leverage furniture system provides the flexibility to create layouts that fit the activities of the different work groups, along with storage formats that work well for Destination Maternity’s diverse needs."

Based on the informed thinking of Teknion and the Meyer Design team, as well as critical input from the client, Expansion Casegoods was specified to furnish the private offices, which range in size from a spacious 15 x 20 square feet (4.5 m x 6 m) to 10 x 10 square feet (3 m x 3 m) office. Expansion Desking was selected for use in the design department and Leverage was used in other work areas to create activity-based configurations, including 6- x 6-foot-square (1.8 m x 1.8 m) workstations in an open and fluid 120-degree "dogbone" layout. Projek task chairs were applied throughout. The clean, understated design of the chair is a perfect match with the crisp, modern lines of Expansion and Leverage furniture. Mobile, height-adjustable tables augment workstations and create hubs for spontaneous collaboration.

Teknion furniture enabled Destination Maternity to make efficient use of available space—an important issue, as it was necessary to integrate merchandise display areas into workspaces across the floorplate. Given the energetic, engaged atmosphere sought by Destination Maternity, interiors were designed to support interaction and accessibility. Low-height Leverage workstation panels are topped with transparent glass screens. Altos architectural wall system and Optos seamless glass walls were used to define offices and meeting rooms.

"The client," notes Kristin Archer, "was very impressed with the curved Optos wall that delineates the boundary of a conference room and echoes the curved walls of fitting rooms opposite. The Optos wall sets off the meeting space from hallway traffic—yet seems to dissolve into the space."

The wall’s transparency also allows light to penetrate the corridor, eliminating any sense of constriction. The curved glass wall visually reinforces a feeling of flow.

Consistent with the human-centered culture of Destination Maternity, private offices are furnished with Livello height-adjustable tables that allow the user to sit or stand while working or meeting with colleagues. The ability to choose one’s posture while working, as well as interiors infused with sunlight, and enhanced by finishes in light, warm colors, helps to support physical and psychological health among employees. Accents of vivid orange, red and lime green contribute to a bright and dynamic interior with the potential to stimulate creativity—essential to Destination Maternity’s continued growth.

Open, organized, stylish and functional, the client’s new headquarters achieves the perfect balance of "controlled chaos" that leads to a high level of creativity and innovation.

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