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Milan, Italy
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andrea rubini architetto


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Project house#02 is the result of a 90 square meter apartment renovation of a young couple living in Milan. The theme develops around the centre corridor of the house, a classic of the late ‘60s buildings such as this one, disengaging all the rooms.

It was decided to start from and widen the corridor, and to obtain a greater sense of three-dimensionality through the doors, which stand in a sort of ‘portal’: aligned to the inner corner of each room when closed, placed in the depth of the compartment when open. Each niche is dipped into light by individual spotlights. These elements drew the lead for various tailored solutions, including kitchen, shower and wardrobes.

The choice of materials was pretty straightforward. The neutral grey tones on the floor and walls were aimed at resetting the place and make the furniture and the doors speak for themselves through their veneered, elm-striped structures against further black décor items.

Doors were inspired by some of Prouvé’s precast perforated elements and made of double wood panel with an interposed opal glass. A particular sense of depth is conferred by the almost sixty millimetre thick holes. These provide privacy on the one hand and allow the light to filter through the doorway on the other.

Both kitchen and table provide an effective contrast to the setting with their thin – twelve millimetre – profiles, so unusual in the traditional concept of use of wood.

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ElementBrandProduct name
ManufacturersLema SPA
TapsZucchetti. Kos
TableMagis spa
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Baguette by Magis spa
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