La Remise house + studios

La Remise house + studios

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Peter Cook
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Studio and Summer house glazingIQ Glass UK
ManufacturersModular Lighting Instruments
Studio claddingMarley Eternit
Sanitary wareDuravit
Main house windowsVelfac

Product Spec Sheet
Studio and Summer house glazing
by Mosa
Studio cladding
Sanitary ware
by Duravit
Main house windows
by Velfac

La Remise house + studios

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The original single storey house was simply arranged with 3 modest sized bedrooms to the east, a central entrance and Kitchen / Living and Dining interlinked on the west side. A two-storey extension added to the western side extended the living area with a new fireplace linked to a new first floor room via a tight spiral staircase. The extension also created a secondary entrance that poorly linked into the back of the kitchen / utility space.

In establishing the brief with the new owners it became clear the design should reconsider the main entrance to the house and how it links through to the main areas of the house. The removal of the original, central entrance freed up additional space within the bedroom wing. And the revised (secondary)main entrance, now opens up to the living areas and allows a more fluid and relaxed sequence of spaces leading through to the rear garden.

A new more generous staircase moved to the western external wall allowed the first floor living room to integrate better with the lower level.

Externally, the entire house was re-clad in red cedar shingles that have weathered down to a beautiful silver grey.

The new Summerhouse is built on an exposed concrete plinth, clad above in red cedar. The cladding treatment is distinctive to the main house with a vertical battening arrangement. The simple, wedge shaped form of the Summerhouse, which is visible from the main house tries to create an evolving form between the house and the more staggered angular volumes of the artist studios.


Material Used:

1. Marley Eternit – Studio cladding

2. IQ Glass – Studio and Summer house glazing

3. Velfac – Main house windows

4. Royal Mosa - Tiling

5. Duravit – Sanitary ware

6. Modular - Lighting

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