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odD House 1.0

odD House 1.0

Quito, Ecuador | View Map
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odD House 1.0

odD+ as Architects

odD House 1.0 is located in the sector of Tumbaco in Quito, Ecuador. The concrete roof serves as the main formal expression of the house. The form is meant to negate extremes, as a ¨mean¨ to balance the change in program through one single architectural expression. The roof is higher in the social areas, and lower in the private areas, but always continuous. It is suspended over massive 30cmx30cm steel columns sitting over 50cm steel plates, allowing for a 5m overhang in the front and back of the house. The waffle slab system lightens the structure, enabling for such cantilever in what is a high seismic area. In addition, the curvature also serves as a strategy for water drainage on specific points, where needed.

The house has a variety of social and intimate environments, while maintaining clarity of form. A courtyard is used as the diagrammatic anchor, marking the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This space serves as the main entrance of the house. A linear nave marked by a massive exposed concrete wall serves as the main programmatic distributor and buffer, separating private from social areas. The concept of serialism is applied throughout the entire house, with pattern in the floors, ceilings, and walls, which gives every space a different rhythm and characteristic.

Every tectonic element in the house is showcased in its most natural and sincere form. Naturally finished steel columns, beams and base plates are used for the structure. Exposed concrete is used for the floors, walls and ceiling slabs. Locally extracted stone is used for the exterior facade and the courtyard floor. And additionally, all of the wood used in the house is recycled from the client´s previous home.

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concreteHormigonera Quito
GlassIng. Esteban Larrea
ColumnsIng. Fabian Acosta
Stone FacadeSr. Segundo Cabezas
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Stone Facade
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