Private apartment - Optimal use of the available space

Private apartment - Optimal use of the available space

Sarano di Piave, Italy
Private Houses

Optimal use of the available space

ECLISSE srl as Supplier

Improving the subdivision of space in order to perfectly use the available environment and to obtain a more practical fruition in response to the inhabitants’ specific needs: this is the goal of the simple, rational layout of a private apartment in Sarano di Piave, on the outskirts of Conegliano, essentially composed of an open living area with a corridor leading to the bedrooms and two bathrooms. The owners, a couple with one child, took great care to plan the subdivision of the spaces, which required replacement of the hinged doors (their initial design choice) with five Eclisse Syntesis®Line sliding doors systems with no external finishes and jambs. In the only case in which it was impossible to install a counter-frame, a flush-mounted Syntesis®Line Battente swing door was used, also without door jamb or frame.

All the sliding doors were equipped with the Eclisse Bias soft closer, which is fully integrated into the track and totally invisible from the outside.

Photographer: Enrico Dal Zotto

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