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Simple house 1 - new minimalism

Simple house 1 - new minimalism

DOMB Architects
HaSharon, Israel | View Map
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simple house 1 -new minimalism

DOMB Architects as Architects

The design of the private home goes back 100 years to the beginning of the last century, to the modernist thinking of the "Bauhaus" movement.

Design while dealing with the social, economic and cultural structure of society and creating an architecture of simple, industrialized, recycled and cheap structures.

This is part of a series of projects that interest us very much - while creating interest in its simplicity.

We want to reduce the burden of design (pollution) and create simple structures that do not burden the environment and its culture - to reduce the load of shapes, volumes, and colors to a minimum" ... in order to maintain environmental quiet."

. "The basic materials - aluminum and glass. Colors are white "quiet colors

The water, blue sky, and green vegetation - share nature in the design.

Time of life - There is special thinking in the creation of industrial structures - it is possible to build them quickly and to remain the most precious resource of life.

Costs - lowering costs and conserving living resources

Reuse- allows us to reuse materials and building parts, over a longer period of time. More quality for longer use.

The simplicity of the materials creates silence and is not visually burdensome.

Ease of updating design and needs


Aesthetically / morphologically design reminiscent of urban construction, skyscrapers in the urban center - that is, urban construction in a rural environment

The desire to bring aesthetics of urban life to a green rural environment, while bringing in the exterior.

Building a shell - allows for freedom of decision in the home planning, changes throughout the lifespan and allows creating a personal world inside.

Bureaucracy - building licensing is becoming expensive in money and time - internal changes in such homes are quick and require no additional licensing

A new, different, clean language - the thickness of the materials is small and thin and gives a sense of weightlessness.


A plot of approximately 700 square meters, 128 square meters on each floor.

In the Sharon area, in ISRAEL

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